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Mamma Mia! Tour Guide's Hilarious & Hair-Raising New Book Exposes Exploits of Americans 'Invading' Italy

For the past fifteen years, Stephani Chance has bravely taken groups of Americans to Italy twice a year and exposed them to the boundless beauty of southern Europe. However, these ‘invasions’ have thrown up their fair share of side-splitting stories and unforgettable (for both good and bad reasons!) experiences. Hoping to enlighten as many as possible to Italy’s allure in a way that only Stephani can, she is delighted to announce the release of ‘Mamma Mia, Americans "Invade" Italy!: True Stories of the Americana in Italy’


Gladewater, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- After sixteen years as a Paralegal, Stephanie Chance turned the flip of a magazine page into a dramatic new life. Opening up her own unique home décor store, Chance began regular hops to Italy and France in search of one-of-a-kind items to adorn her shelves. Weeks later of opening her shop, Stephanie started taking Americans on hair-raising adventures throughout Italy and neighboring countries, along with her Sicilian papa, Tony Filaci, who was born and raised in Sicily and lives in Tuscany. Fifteen years later, Stephanie is still leading two groups of American tourists, twice a year, to the southern European gems, along with her sidekick and Sicilian papa, Tony Filaci. The exploits of Americans in Italy have become so hilarious and unpredictable that Chance is now compiling the best of them into a whimsical new book.

‘Mamma Mia, Americans "Invade" Italy!: True Stories of the Americana in Italy’ pulls no punches when showcasing the true-life stories of Chance’s clients. Fusing sometimes-unbelievable quips with a beautiful showcase of Italian life, the newly published book has already whisked hundreds over the pond for a literary escape like none other.


This book contains hilarious, hair-raising, and true stories of what Americans do in Italy. Hop aboard with Stephani Chance and her Sicilian papa Tony Filaci for the most magical and fairytale adventures of your life as they take you to Italy and beyond. After fourteen-plus years of taking groups of Americans to Italy twice a year, Stephani finally shares some of the "true stories" of what the Americans experience on her Italy tours. These true and unbelievable adventures will take you on a ride like no other. You will be speechless as she takes you to hidden jewels inside the remote parts of Sicily and, while holding on tightly, you zigzag to amazing places all over Italy. You will eat with family and friends for the Last Harvest of the Grapes and dine with a genuine count in the rolling hills of Tuscany. You will laugh until you cannot anymore, and then you will stand in awe when she takes you inside places that existed before Christ; such as Little Jerusalem, located in a remote area of Italy. Come on - hop aboard with Stephani, ride with the Americans off the tourist paths, and stay in fairytale places that will remind you of stories such as Jack in the Bean Stalk. Hang on to your seat as you explode with every imaginable emotion that will surely ricochet from hilarious laughter to spellbound tears. While you're still begging for more, Stephani will take you behind the "pine curtain" of East Texas, and reveal an intimate look at how the flip of a magazine page moved her out of the legal world into this life of travel and adventure.

“This is the perfect book for those who frequent Italy, as well as those with it on the bucket lists,” explains Chance. “You couldn’t write this stuff, and readers will enjoy touring the country as it’s interspersed with very real stories of what I and my fellow Americans have gotten up to. Strap in – you could easily spill that glass of Prosecco!”

Feedback from readers says it all. For example, Jacque Gibbs comments, “Mama Mia, what a wonderful book. I felt like I needed to go open a bottle of the liquid red, put on my red lipstick and hop on the plane with Stephani, Tony and Nino. Stephani has an exceptional talent, making you feel that you are on this journey with her. This is a very funny and enlightening book to read. I would suggest this book to anyone. Definitely a 5 star read!”

Val adds, “Enchanting ...what a hair-raising journey indeed! Stephanie Chance took me on a ride that I will never forget. I've never stepped off American soil, but turning the last page of "Mamma Mia, Americans Invade Italy," I truly experienced the magical effects of Italy and Southern Provence.”

A representative of Piney Woods Books urges all Americans to find their passports, writing, “Could not put this book down.Author Stephani Chance has a zest for life I admire and she does her level best to create memorable experiences for those fortunate enough to take her guided tours. If you enjoy vicariously visiting some of the un-touristy sites of Italy, come along with Stephani in her book...or better yet, join her on her next tour.”

‘Mamma Mia, Americans "Invade" Italy!: True Stories of the Americana in Italy’, published by WestBowPress, Thomas Nelson Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1l3LM8k.

About Stephani Chance
Stephani Chance is a comical, outgoing Italy lover with European genes stretching across the deep, blue pond. As a paralegal, she worked sixteen years beside a renowned attorney in East Texas. Then, in a blink of the eye, she launched a "one-of-a-kind" shop unlike any other in the world, Decorate Ornate. This store is packed ceiling to floor with gorgeous home decor from remote places in Europe. In between her two Italy tours each year, Stephani returns to Italy and France in search of gorgeous castle doors, religious antiques and gorgeous home decor for her renowned store. Stephani has been the keynote speaker for many events in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and East Texas, as well as World Trade events. She has been featured in the Italian international magazines as well as many American magazines: East Texas People Magazine, In-Magazine, House & Home, LifeStyles, Home Decor, and more. When not in Italy, you will find Stephani amongst the fabulous treasures in her shop Decorate Ornate, located in the antique capital of East Texas, Gladewater.