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Man from Woodstock, Illinois Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Creative Food Wastage Solution


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- Tired of seeing the amount of food waste growing, increasing percentage of people going hungry, and understanding that food waste in landfills contribute to environmental issues, there is one man, Glen Fejdasz, who is looking to develop a simple yet creative solution by combining existing activites, replicating those efforts and linking them together, in order to help reduce the food waste and expand the way we can feed others. Glen's solution is an equation: 40% Food Waste + Worms = Feeding Others + Black Gold (rich soil amendment - worm castings) which he believes, if put in place, can help improve the food wastage problem while help many other issues including employment and hunger.

Glen has launched a crowdfunding campaign on popular crowdfunding website to ask for the assistance of the generous online crowd who understand there's a problem with the food wastage scenario and there is a need to come together to create and support solutions that protect the world in the present and pave way to a better future for the coming generations. The crowdfunding campaign titled: Hunger + Food Waste + Worms= Solutions has a funding goal of $1.2M USD that will be used to set up a test facility, hiring of staff, establish an online presence to begin linking nationwide resources, and other startup costs, with the anticipation to copy the facility to other areas in the future. He hopes the campaign may receive an over-funding, knowing how large the problem is and being able to grow quickly into a solutions provider, and to use any additional funds with focus on future growth.

Glen's journey towards developing the solution began after the unfortunate realization that the government was unable to cope with the problem of hunger and food wastage that continues to worsen with passing time. He understood that a solution would have to come from the people who are most affected by the situation.

Glen explains: "Since I can't change their ways on how to deal with certain issues, such as the growing food waste and hungry mouths in this country, what I can do is ask like-minded people, people like yourself, to help me make an impact with the way food waste gets diverted to local food banks so that the 'edible food' portion can keep feeding hungry human mouths, while the remaining portion gets fed to Mother Nature's own little creature, the red wiggler worm, to create a rich soil amendment (worm castings) that will help to grow even more nutritious food for human consumption."

Another part of the solution is to provide as many people as possible to fend for themselves and provide people such as Military veterans with employment opportunities. The research, cost projections, the development of the solution and its testing has all been completed and done by Glen. He believes that a simple solution such as this can be replicated in every part of the world.

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