Man Improves Kidney Function by 85%: Learn What He Did


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- When someone is faced with kidney disease often times they immediately think about kidney failure, dialysis, poor quality of life and lots of medications with many side effects. The conventional medical approach should be used for kidney problems and people should visit a good nephrologist. But the fact is conventional, allopathic medicine is often times limited in treatments for improving kidney function.

Medications in some cases can slow down the progression of kidney problems, improve symptoms but it can’t always stop the loss of kidney function. Now Reginald talks about how he improved his kidney function by about 85% with a new program called, “The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program available at

“When Reginald found the program his diabetes was creating a lot of damage to his kidneys. He was a Type 2 diabetic for 5 years, but even with taking medications he kept losing more kidney function.

Returning from a doctor’s visit he got some startling news. The doctor told him his kidneys were very damaged and he needed lose weight and get his diabetic numbers down. The doctor said if he continued the way he was he would be at kidney failure and need dialysis with in a year. This frightened him and forced him to find out what he can do. When he searched around he was upset to find not much available information regarding kidney treatments. He felt sad and hopeless. He was familiar with dialysis because he had family members on it and didn’t want to go through that.

He purchased the program and went on the diet plan with supplements for kidney disease. In about 21 days he went back to his doctor and his kidney function was almost back to normal. He stated the diet was easy and there were just a handful of supplements to take. He maintained the lifestyle changes losing about 18 pounds and decreased his medication and has been feeling much better.”

With the All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program anyone with kidney disease will need to change their diet, food habits, take kidney healing supplements and make simple lifestyle changes. People will need to make changes and take control of their health in order to improve their kidney disease situation. If people are not willing to take charge of their health this program is not for them.

Stage 5 kidney failure and kidney dialysis is not something people will want to experience. Robert Galarowicz N.D. is the author of this program and spent 30 months on dialysis using an AV fistula for excess. An AV fistula a painful surgical procedure to connect a vein to an artery, this is so the large dialysis needles can be punctured in the A/V fistula to drain and clean all the blood. This is a painful procedure that is done 3 days per week for 3 to 4 hours. And for some people this is not enough and will need to do longer and more frequent treatments.

Do what Reginald did and find out what herbs, diet, supplements, and life style changes that will improve people’s kidney disease situation. This program can be used by itself or in conjunction with medications and conventional treatments. Actually Robert recommends following the program along while using medications and having an aggressive and knowledgeable nephrologist.

Take a few minutes to watch a free video of over 7 ways to improve kidney health and learn more about, “The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program,” by visiting

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