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Manage It Right! Business Experts Release New Book for 'Intrapreneurs'

From co-authors Carlos Zorea, PhD, MSc and Dee Zorea, MAS, ‘Manage It Right! Intrapreneurial Skills to Succeed in Any Organization’ is an advice book that stands out from the crowd, not only for its unique writing style, but also for its field-tested tools to help managers and employees break free from the status quo and drive profitability and overall success in the workplace.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- After decades of helping their clients achieve success after success, Carlos Zorea and Dee Zorea are sharing their expertise with the wider business community with the release of their new book, ‘Manage It Right! Intrapreneurial Skills to Succeed in Any Organization’.

Inspired by their belief that empowering middle management with better management tools, know-how, and skills can change the way business is conducted and propel the United States to new and better heights, the Zoreas have put together an exciting and practical guidebook that utilizes a unique writing style.

“Our first draft was technically accurate, but pretty arid,” says Carlos Zorea, the founder and CEO of Zorea Consulting. “It was Dee who suggested presenting the same content in the form of a story. After all, management is more than technical mechanics – it is also about personal feelings, which are rarely, if ever, conveyed in reference books. So the idea of presenting the information in a hybrid format – that is, non-fiction lessons in fiction format – was a natural one. It makes the content much easier for readers to integrate and implement into their daily work.”

‘Manage It Right! Intrapreneurial Skills to Succeed in Any Organization’ assesses common corporate scenarios through the managerial lenses of a former CEO-turned-consultant and a middle manager willing to learn and succeed. Readers will follow along as ‘Chuck’ imparts valuable lessons on diagnostics, change-design, team building in critical conditions, operational management, metrics and other essential business methods.

Entertaining, engaging, functional and with a clarity and candor that can come only from the authors’ years of hands-on business experience, ‘Manage It Right!’ is a book that already has the business industry buzzing.

Manage It Right! is a unique, easy-to-read guide to enhancing business performance through a rigorous process of analysis, system improvements, team building, monitoring and control. Written in narrative style, the book chronicles the journey of a midcareer manager, Dennis, facing the monumental challenge of turning around a failing division of a major company. Through extensive counseling with his seasoned mentor and consultant, Chuck, we learn over 27 business management lessons and the steps necessary to evaluate and transform organizational performance in a refreshingly new way.

Early endorsements for the book have flooded in from business leaders.

“beyond my greatest expectations” — “Manage It Right! is one of the most valuable books a manager or executive could ever have the pleasure of reading. As CEO of a Nasdaq traded company, I found Carlos and Dee's creative way to teach complex business management as explained in this unique book to be invaluable. Having personally witnessed these management methods at work, the Zoreas truly delivered beyond my greatest expectations.” —Paul Rosenbaum, Former CEO and Chairman of the Board Rentrak Corporation

“it’s worth it” — “Manage It Right! is different from anything I have encountered before and it’s worth it. Unlike most ‘how to manage’ books, this book actually deals with the niche of turnaround situations. Carlos Zorea and Dee Zorea tell a great story that teaches managers the secrets to management success. I witnessed Carlos Zorea apply those same secrets to take control of a business spiraling out of control, stabilize it, and turn it into a success by mentoring middle managers and radically changing the culture.” —Kenneth Augustyn, Director (former) ERIM International, Inc.

“powerful insights” — “With Manage It Right! everyone can gain the same powerful insights we’ve enjoyed. Carlos Zorea and his team helped us organize for growth and focus sharply on what matters. Every day, we still use the lessons he taught us to drive sales and profitability.” —Jeff Padden, CEO Public Policy Associates, Inc.

As the authors explain, they had a very specific audience in mind while writing their book.

“We have met a lot of individuals with entrepreneurial spirits who work for different organizations. They want to enjoy the support of their organizations, but not be limited by corporate shackles,” says Dee Zorea, VP Marketing. “We call these people intrapreneurs. However, because this combination freedom within structure is rare, most intrapreneurs either leave to become entrepreneurs or they stay and end up ‘unhappy campers’.

Intrapreneurs are a very important layer of the business community. Manage It Right! is written for them.”

Carlos Zorea adds: “This book is backed by 50 years of experiences, across different industries and different scenarios. The full method has been implemented numerous times with fantastic results for our clients.

Although to Manage It Right! is not an easy task, the book helps readers to more easily achieve their personal and corporate goals.”

‘Manage It Right! Intrapreneurial Skills to Succeed in Any Organization’ has been released for publication and is currently available. For more information, visit: www.zoreaconsulting.com.

About the Authors
Carlos Zorea, PhD, MSc, founder and CEO of Zorea Consulting, is a business management expert with fifty years of experience in corporate management, executive capacities, and executive consulting. His unique and extensive career spans all phases of business, from development to growth. Dr. Zorea’s vast business expertise has proven itself over the years in his roles as chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and as chairman or board member of several companies.

Dr. Zorea increases corporate value by working one-on-one with CEOs and presidents of Fortune 500, middle-market, and start-up companies to make high-quality decisions using proven tools, methodologies, and processes. Accordingly, these client companies have achieved growth and improved profitability within a short period of time.

Dr. Zorea’s educational background includes a master of science in management from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and an aeronautical engineering doctorate.

Dee Zorea, MAS, has collaborated with Zorea Consulting on business management theory, corporate strategy initiatives, and client service. He brings more than fifteen years of business experience in finance, accounting, and marketing. Dee completed his undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College and his master of accounting science at Northern Illinois University.