Management Coaching Is Becoming an Established Career Choice - if One Has the Skills, Say Helen Hinds

The trend in using management coaches has continued to rise with organisations able to call upon the experience of an external management coach - but what do they do?


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- Experienced management coaches are continuing to see the value they offer organizations and are building sustainable careers by partnering with internal management teams. Delivering a wider breadth of experiential knowledge they are helping employees and management teams overcome challenges that may be more difficult to solve using in-house expertise alone.

A search on Google’s platform for Management Coach will deliver over 82 million results on every aspect of management coaching from how to be one to the latest skills being employed. Demonstrable  proof that the role of a management coach is now well-established and here for the long run. The trend towards outsourcing non-essential skills can only be a blessing to existing management coaches and those currently working in-house who may be seeking a fresh challenge outside of corporate life.

Coaching used to be the domain of line managers alone, if at all. It is only in recent years that the principle of coaching has been fully embraced. As benefits were seen in terms of improved performance and job satisfaction, larger organizations began to take this further by seeking management coaching specialists from outside. Those management coaches with the right mix of experience and skills have grabbed the opportunity this trend offers and have been able to share their unique skills for the benefit of organizations and their management teams.

Winston Connor, an executive coach says, "The coach works with the manager to tailor the training program in skills areas where we will have an impact. The coach helps managers make behavioral changes needed for growth."

Helen Hinds, a Management Coach and Trainer in Manchester, who has worked alongside managers in all sizes of organization across the globe believes that this will continue to be an attractive choice for management coaches and managers alike "As organizations continue to see the unique benefits that an outside coach can bring we can only see a growth in this area of learning and development”, Helen commented. "It's not surprising to see a continued growth in demand for external management coaches as organizations face greater challenges and uncertainty but are hesitant to increase their headcount”.

For readers who'd like to know more, Helen has written an informative article on Management Coaches.

Helen Hinds

Manchester, UK