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Today, in every industry verticals, mergers & acquisitions have become a growing trend. The ever-evolving technology is driving organizations to seek new opportunities and resources through mergers & acquisitions, which permit them to advance their services and overall operations in order to create more well-organized and holistic business model.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2017 -- According to the Harvard Business Review Report, despite the escalating number of M&A's, an astounding 70-90% of all mergers and acquisitions fail. Owing to M&A's complexity, various organizations while trying to proactively manage the process become strained. Understanding the challenges of M&A can help several organizations develop tactics for successful execution.

Some of the common challenges that organizations are facing during this process include:

Old-fashioned Technology

In every M&A success, technology plays a vital. Understanding technological requirements of both organizations are important for projecting the integration, allocating resources, and placing talent. Without modernized technology, organizations may not access to the required information and accurate data. Sooner or later, this can cause problems regarding finances, employees, and strategic plans, if the technological structure in place doesn't have the bandwidth for supporting the needs of the newly formed organization.

Compliance related Risks

As every industry is being governed by various rules and regulations, so many companies have unique as well as complex requirements for maintaining mandatory compliance. During the process of merger and acquisitions, managing the essential reporting and complying with various requirements such as credentials, Wage & Hour laws, and budgets can become ever more difficult which might put organizations at fault. So, it's imperative for companies to remain proactive and attentive to all regulations during an M&A.

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Blending Workforces

While the diversification of services, it's of vital importance for organizations to blend skilled teams. Most merger and acquisitions are implemented in order to help companies in providing more integrated services, however, it is important to maintain a high quality of excellence and care. There is a need for organizations to analyze the emerging workforces and also determine a plan for forming cross-functional teams that will continuously provide best-in-class services to the clients.

Culture Clashes

During the M&A process, several aspects of a company will be integrated. One the key challenging aspects to integrate and retain consistent is organizational culture. With contradictory missions and values, organizations may find difficulty in establishing new inclusive identity. A strategy of an integrated brand identity might help leadership and management styles in aligning, and creating a united front that will drive the newly formed organization forward.

Moreover, regardless of the industry vertical, there are various long-term benefits to merger and acquisitions for organizations, such as new opportunities, integrated and improved services, as well as strengthened competitive advantages. It is essential for companies to understand the obstacles they will face and plan for the best approach in order to overcome those challenges.

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