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Managing Your Health in a Digital Age, New Article at Blog

We live in a digital age where we are all connected at all times and places, our every move is monitored and documented for future use. Our favorite e-commerce retailers know our preferences and routinely alert us to new items that we must have.


Skillman, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2012 -- Today’s patients no longer want to take a backseat to their health and are becoming proactive participants in their health management. With the increasing popularity of online medical journals, it only makes sense that patients are becoming more educated and demanding access to their medical history, and modern health information technology is making this possible. This is exactly why there is a growing market for Personal Health Record (PHR) service providers, whose job it is to gather and digitize a patient’s medical reports so that they can be accessible via the web.

Your medical health records no longer have to be locked away in your doctor’s office where they are inaccessible to you and your loved ones in critical moments. Having a PHR gives individuals the opportunity to have 24/7 secure access to their medical information so that they can obtain crucial information when it is needed most. For those with a preexisting condition, a PHR is an essential tool in your health information management. Having access to your health records will mean having up to date information on all your prescriptions and treatments should you find yourself in an emergency room.

Imagine being away on vacation and finding yourself in a foreign city having to navigate an unfamiliar healthcare system? At a time like this, having access to your medical records through an electronic health record would be your lifeline and give doctors access to medications and medical history that would help them determine the most appropriate course of action.

Due to the escalating costs of medical procedures in the United States, having a PHR is essential for those individuals seeking medical care abroad. For medical tourists, having a PHR means being able to give their overseas medical team access to their entire medical history, thus increasing the likelihood of a successful procedure and decreasing the possibility of unwanted errors.

“The medical industry is constantly evolving and we are excited to introduce our readers to new options that will simplify their lives and provide them with powerful tools to control their health” says a DigitalOlympus spokesperson.

The healthcare industry continues to grow as patients continue to demand improved methods to aide them in managing their healthcare. It is each patient’s right to take a proactive approach to their health and be a powerful voice in the decision making process. It is every patient’s responsibility to arm themselves with all their medical information so that they can actively participate with physicians in determining the best course of action to be taken in critical situations. Leaving your health in the hands of others is no longer the only option; with today’s advances in health information technology patients have a front row seat in their health management as well as that of their family members.

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