Manchester Band Debuted by Alan McGee Perform Home-Coming Gig While One Man Down

Take two (minus one) for Alias Kid


Manchester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- This is a follow up to an article about a new band from Manchester called Alias Kid. A review of their Liverpool gig (where they were being debuted by the iconic Alan McGee) can be found here. Tonight the band were performing in their home town of Manchester; albeit with one of the cast not present.

The banner hanging over the stage read "Feed the Kid". Ironically it was due to the imminent birth of his new baby that the band's frontman Maz was not present tonight. This left Sean to pick up the pieces and he did so expertly; commenting along the way that Maz"...has got his f***in priorities wrong". From the light-hearted tone it was obvious that this was said with affection; a far cry from the scenes that reportedly occurred back-stage before the band gave an explosive Liverpool performance in November.

With regards to the gig itself; Sean sang the main vocal on all of the tunes tonight; a job he normally shares with Maz, while Chris on bass filled in seamlessly to provide the vocal backing. Although Maz was missed both musically and for his on stage antics, the songs nonetheless filled the room with a fantastic and positive energy. The set started and ended exceptionally well and there really was no let up along the way. There arehooks, breakdowns, great lyrics and superb solos. A point should be made about how well the lead guitarist James and the drummer Col seem to work together on stage.

What is evident from watching this band is that their live performances offer the audience 'moments'. It might be a song; but it might equally be something that is said; it is there if people want to see it. It is not contrived or controlled like the staged 'rock and roll' scenes we see at awards ceremonies. This is genuine.

The highlight tonight occurred when Sean had kicked the mic off the stage during a song; one of the crowd picked it up and held the stand aloft for Sean to sing into the dangling microphone. It had all gone crazy by this point already but this act summed up what this band seem to be about; it isn't about 'them and us' it isn't even just about watching and being entertained; it is about getting down and getting involved. And the band seem to relish every little bit of interaction that the crowd gives.

They are all way too young to remember the real punk era but this really seems to echo the to-and-fro that that went on back then. It is in the smallest of venues that the brightest of lights is shining tonight. No doubt some music industry fingers will get burnt next year.

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