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Manchester SEM Launches Campaign to Increase Awareness of Online Marketing Benefits

Company Helps Businesses Prepare For Holiday E-Commerce Surge With Improved Rankings


Macclesfield, Cheshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- With the global economy finally rebounding from financial turmoil, consumers are beginning to feel more comfortable allocating portions of their income to more than basic necessities. This became increasingly apparent when a recent survey revealed consumers plan to spend approximately 15.3 percent more on holiday purchases this year compared to those in the recent past; of those, 66 percent intend to ramp up their online shopping.

In light of these facts, retail business owners find themselves under increased pressure to strengthen their online presence in order to gain an advantage over their competitors. Having provided SEO services Manchester for a number of years and helped countless clients reach such goals, Manchester SEM is no stranger to the world of SEO. In an effort to help more entrepreneurs prepare for the approaching holiday shopping surge, the company has launched a campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of their search engine marketing services.

Mark Wallace of Manchester SEM explained, "Although many of those who come to us are start-up business owners with no experience in the e-commerce and online marketing game, we are seeing an increasing number of new clients who simply are not getting any positive results from their current SEO strategies. After only a brief consultation with them, we generally understand what is holding them back. We constantly see a couple of recurring mistakes in their techniques."

A number of marketing companies implement Google Analytics in determining their strategies. Using this service, they ascertain the effect their advertising seems to have on a business's target audience and from where the majority of a website's traffic originates. Strategists closely follow these statistics to map out their future marketing routes. According to Wallace, this method could actually be detrimental to a website's search engine rankings; SEO and SEM optimized sites tend to rank higher if they opt out of relying on Google Analytics.

Wallace noted another common error among e-commerce businesses is placing excessive emphasis on sales. While the ultimate goal is to convert visitors to customers, many businesses fail to adequately draw interest to their products. By providing unique angles, sharing advice and answering visitors' questions, a website can make potential customers feel the company cares about public interest. After drawing attention in this manner, the website can gently lead into an appealing product and will be more likely to make a sale.

"We focus on the needs and aspirations of our clients," concluded Wallace, "It is important we find out who they are as a business, their unique selling point and who their ideal target audience would be. Once we have painted that picture, we can build our marketing plan to spread the word about their company, boost their brand recognition, propel them to the top of the search engines and help ensure they stay there. Of course, they will be generating more revenue along the way as well."

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