MANGA.TOKYO Creates Its First Private Discussion Board on Mastodon, the Open-Source Social Media Platform


Chuo-ku, Osaka -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2017 -- We are pleased to announce that anime news website MANGA.TOKYO is taking a giant leap forward in their attempt to communicate with the otaku fans around the world by opening their first official forum.

The website has decided to take advantage of the open-source social media platform Mastodon to give their readers the opportunity to discuss their favorite anime and manga in an environment that looks more like a modern Social Media platform and less like an outdated 90s forum.

By making an account on their dedicated Mastodon instance, members of the community can talk about Japanese culture, anime, manga, voice actors and everything that interests them, without the noise and information overflow that characterizes big platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Anybody can participate and talk about the newest anime information, find friends with similar interests, and feel valued and protected.

MANGA.TOKYO will act as the moderator and ensure that the forum rules are followed and that every member has an amazing otaku time.

The site looks forward to continuing their excellent relations with the worldwide otaku community through their website, and expanding them through their first official discussion board.

MANGA.TOKYO Mastodon Instance:

MANGA.TOKYO is a media website about Japanese culture, manga, anime, cosplay, etc. aimed at creating a community for overseas fans of Japanese otaku culture.


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