Manhattan Dental Office Proves the Economy Is No Barrier


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- Dr. Raj Kamdar of Preferred Dental Care is no stranger to hearing talk of fear and worry and when it came to the constant barrage of negativity he was hearing about the economy and the state of the U.S., he decided to prove the pundits wrong and has succeeded. His office was located near Park Ave. in the middle of Manhattan, the most competitive area in the entire country for dental offices. He wanted a new start and the ability to more easily service his patients as well as attract new ones so he found a new location not too far away in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, just as competitive and the move could have been viewed as a big risk, but Dr. Kamdar was determined to win and prove the economy played no part in his ability to be a success in dentistry.

Within a short time his new office was open to much acclaim by his existing patients and in no time he had a steady flow of new patients coming in that couldn’t help noticing how beautiful and inviting his dental office was. Located on 27th St. between 6th and 7th Avenues, the office is surrounded by many wholesale shops and the presence of a beautiful dental office with modern decor and big open windows is now beginning to transform the appeal of this overlooked stretch of Manhattan street. It makes for the perfect base of operations for his highly trained staff which handle an unusually high volume of phone calls and foot traffic.

Besides the new street front location and beautiful interior look of his office, there is another big reason Preferred Dental Care experienced such strong success in such a short period of time. His team is very pro-active at getting new patients by actually sending out staff members to survey the public to ask them what they want in a dental office and usually the public is so surprised by this action that they become new patients of the office. There is also the fast, efficient service patients receive while at Preferred Dental Care that makes for a large volume of patient referrals. “I am very pleased with my staff and I know they are all highly capable of providing top quality service,” says Dr. Kamdar.

Dr. Kamdar decided to move his office in the midst of one of the bleakest economic scenes in decades and within a few months of moving locations, improving his ability to deliver through adding additional staff and providing more training, he was able to easily double the amount of patients he can help by giving them “Cavity Free Teeth and Healthy Gum for a Lifetime” and is heading towards a tripling of it. He ignored the naysayers, turned off the negative talk he heard on television and set out to do what he does best, provide excellent dentistry, and came out on top. The future looks very bright for Preferred Dental Care in Chelsea, Manhattan and it looks like Dr. Kamdar will continue to take great pride in his work, his office, his staff and most importantly, his passion for helping. For more information about Dr. Kamdar and Preferred Dental Care please visit

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