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Mantissa Creed Releases Her Second Paranormal Romantic Thriller in "Cursed: The Saga" Series


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- Mantissa Creed, the critically acclaimed author of the much celebrated paranormal romance book series, "Cursed: The Saga", has announced the launch of her new book titled "Cursed: The Vangel," which is the second fantasy novel in the series after the very successful first book titled, "Cursed: The Ring." Available on under the Romance, Paranormal and Fantasy genres, the new book, "Cursed: The Vangel," promises to be a compulsive page turner, taking the readers on a roller coaster ride as the protagonist, Alexandra, embarks on a death-defying quest for answers and seek out and destroy her nemesis, the Vangel. A first-class page turner with a stunning supernatural scope, the book delivers a heady cocktail of adventure, ancient foes, love, lust and, secrets and romance.

The second installment in a three-part series, "Cursed: The Vangel," has been released under the banner of Createspace. The 583 pages book is available both in the Paperback and eBook formats. The Paperback format of the book may be ordered from from the following URL: for $19.99. The eBook format of the book is available for $4.99 on’s Kindle Bookstore online. "Cursed: The Vangel” can be ordered from and directly downloaded to one's Kindle, tablet, cell phone, lap top or computer from the following URL: The book is also available under the KDP Select Program, popularly known as the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

“Cursed: The Vangel” is a captivating story of Alexandra whose existence is bound by a curse that threatens her immortality. To survive she must find and destroy the Vangel. The book doles out a story that’s more a heady cocktail of redemption, grief and survival, love, hope and healing. Great characterization, a strong storyline and equally engrossing narrative by the author helps her readers get involved in and care about the outcome of the story and how it turns out for the protagonist, Alexandra!

"I am a great fan of the paranormal romance stories myself, as they offer an improbable premise that an author has to work real hard to make believable. It's quite a challenge, if you ask me, and equally satisfying," speaking on the inspiration for her new book, the author says. "I've always loved to create new characters and challenging stories, and as an author, I have taken the liberty of weaving in some situations and circumstances into the story of my latest book, which have been inspired by experiences of my own and those of people around me and that's what makes the story really interesting and even more believable."

Mantissa Creed's new book is expected to particularly resonate with thoughtful readers, particularly those who share an affinity for stories of Vampires and Supernatural forces. The readers will find the book to be an evocative thriller that also has the elements of an equally exciting story of love and hope. The characters go through a myriad of emotions and circumstances as the story quickly unfolds in the dynamic settings that the author creates.

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About Author Mantissa Creed
Mantissa creed is a Young Adult Paranormal romance novelist. She is the author of the popular Cursed The Saga. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance.

Once, Mantissa wanted to be a doctor; that was until she fell in love with Drama and Performing Arts. As an author, she enjoys creating new characters and challenging stories. She uses the power of music to imagine and to build up scenes and emotions. She mainly likes to write about strong and complex characters. Though she enjoys writing fantasy novels, she secretly admires classic authors, like Jane Austen, and Charlotte Bronte. Nonetheless, she will always read anything by Oscar Wilde, Stephen King, or Nicholas Sparks.

When she’s not writing, she spends her time reading, performing, watching movies, and writing. She is currently writing Cursed: The Curse, the third book of Cursed The Saga.

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