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Manual Article Submission Service Started by Ribbun SEO

Ribbun SEO Has Added The Manual Article Submission Service To Its Growing List Of Services


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2012 -- Ribbun Software is a company that works toward building and developing an online presence for its clients. The company has been providing an increasing number of services to achieve this goal, and manual article submission is now part of its offerings.

Manual article submission is a tried and tested form of search engine optimization, and it is still used by many webmasters today. The spokesperson for Ribbun, Mr. Mohit, said, “Everyone knows about manual article submission and its benefits, and a majority of people still use it. The fact of the matter is that article submission is still a valid and highly efficient form of search engine optimization, which is why we are offering it to our clients.”

SEO experts at Ribbun have conducted extensive research on manual article submission, and this has resulted in a highly efficient service that can improve a website’s PR and search engine ranking. Ribbun believes that article marketing is one of the oldest and most established methods of creating a strong online image. Mr. Mohit says, “Every website that we love and visit the most have won us over because of their content, and this has been so from the advent of the internet. Article marketing was successful then, and it remains so even today.”

Ribbun’s manual article submission service is based on strict guidelines. The company has consistently used only white hat SEO strategies that deliver legitimate results. Every service offered by the company also abides by a strict code of ethics. In the case of the manual submission service, Ribbun follows guidelines to ensure that article publishers enjoy a strong approval ratio, article directories are provided with useful content, and clients enjoy as many benefits as possible.

The company creates fully original articles for each manual article submission package. Each article is optimized for search engines by placing adequate keywords in the body and title. Ribbun then spins the article to create readable content and manually submits each article to directories. The directories are chosen for their high rank and relevance to the theme of the articles. Each article is submitted along with anchor text that creates a back link to the target website.

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Ribbun is a well-established SEO company that offers a wide range of services. The company’s range of services includes traditional and tested forms of SEO like article submission and press release submission, as well as modern forms of SEO like link wheel and SERP snatching. Ribbun also offers social media optimization services to increase Facebook fans and Twitter followers.