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Ribbun to Launch a Manual Directory Submission Service for Its Clients

Ribbun Expands Its Horizons By Introducing Manual Directory Submission Services For Online Businesses


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) --10/19/2011 -- Ribbun Software is a promising company known for its efficient search engine and social media optimization services, and it has now introduced its manual directory submission service to those looking to build a strong reputation online.

A lot has been said about the benefits of manual directory submission. For one, directory submissions improve the popularity of links to the website, which in turn improves the search engine ranking of that website. This is crucial since search engine algorithms always consider the quality of links in order to determine their results page ranks.

Directory submission also improves the keyword relevancy of a website. By allowing the anchor text in directory links to focus on the keyword, it is possible to improve link building, target a specific set of keywords, and establish an online presence.

Manual directory submission also allows a website to improve its visibility by placing good content on various high traffic websites. As a result, it boosts site traffic and fortifies brand value and recall.

However, directory submission can prove to be difficult for a webmaster who has to manually submit content to each directory. Automatic directory submission does not yield the same results either since search engine bots can blacklist them. This issue is summed up by Mr. Mohit of Ribbun SEO, who states, “Webmasters are torn between cheap but inefficient automatic directory submission services and time-consuming manual submission which invariably reduces the amount of new content being created.”

Ribbun understands this dilemma in website owners, which is why it launched a manual directory submission service. Ribbun’s manual directory submission service combines the ease of automatic submission and the efficiency and benefits of manual submission. It saves a lot of time for webmasters, who can then concentrate on creating newer and better content for submission instead of filling out forms for submitting content to each website.

The new manual directory submission service from Ribbun ensures that each submission to a directory is genuine and published in the right niche area. In this way, search engine bots give more importance to such submissions. This takes care of both the quality and quantity of content submission and ensures greater visibility and credibility for a business.

About Ribbun
Ribbun offers a wide range of effective and foolproof SEO and SMO services to its clients, and its manual directory submission service is just another offering in the company’s service list. Ribbun is also looking to gradually introduce additional services to its already extensive pool of online services, which makes the company an SEO service provider to watch out for in the not too distant future.