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Manufactured Homes Florida: Don't Survive, Live Life


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Each and every region of the world is known for certain climatic adversaries and the history has seen a series of natural calamities. Earthquake, flood, cyclones etc have long been known as the evil forces of destruction. It is a time when science is at its peak, but is not strong enough to fight these forces. The best solution at the moment is prevention. Newer concepts like Florida Manufactured Homes are such examples. Easy to construct, cost effective and upto the standards these Florida Manufactured Homes are just perfect.

Florida Manufactured Homes have a string of added advantages over regular homes. Climate control is one of the factors, as it is made inside the factory- humidity, dust and temperature control makes the work a lot easier. It on the other hand, effects the time taken by the mobile houses which is a lot lesser than the regular onsite homes. Since the time taken is less, cost of such Florida Manufactured Homes is also less. It is said to be around 50% less as compared to the manufactured homes. Apart from all these another major point is quality that is not at all compromised on. All the homes are made upto the code requirements.

These homes are built in factory by skilled craftsmen. At first the steel cross members are welded to massive steel I-beams along with steel outriggers, together they form the base of the frame. To support the weight of the structure, underlying frames are used. Secondly, over the base frame floor joists are laid over and along with it the equipments like insulation, heat ducts and plumbing are also installed. After that flooring is fastened and glued to the joists. Once the frames are constructed, the walls are built while the sheetrock is nailed and glued to wall studs for support and stability. After installing the walls, truss rafters are attached and high grade insulation is put in. After installing Roof sheathing and roofing paper, it is sealed with tar three feet for protection from the edges. It is a process that differs as per the type of the home. Then all the interior work is finished after which the siding and windows are set.

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