TRILOGIQ USA Looks at Holistic Approach to Material Handling and Trilogiq USA Looks at Holistic Approach to Material Handling and Trilogiq USA


Livonia, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- recently featured an interview between Tim Floyd and Manufacturing Revival Radio. Floyd, the National Sales Director for Trilogiq USA, was the special guest on the Manufacturing Revival Radio. The show titled, “Tim Floyd: The Holistic Approach to Material Handling,” was hosted by Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood who interviewed the material handling leader. Trilogiq USA is a full service implementer of production process improvement solutions.

Floyd explained how Trilogiq USA’s holistic approach is a one stop shop solution for manufacturing companies, “We have a holistic approach to material handling. We separate ourselves from others that sell their components. We want to bring more value to the customer. We are not consultants; we are integrators. We want to work at the plant level with the engineers to understand what they want to accomplish in terms of material flow. We want to help them develop that solution and create the most cost effective means to accomplish the solution for them. We work with the customer to evolve this into something they eventually want to accomplish. Trilogiq USA wants to go in and make sure our customers understand we want to be an arm-to-arm partner to take them where they want to go with material handling.”

Floyd noted how Trilogiq USA transitioned from servicing the automotive industry into other manufacturing sectors, “the automotive industry has really set the pace for high speed manufacturing. They have looked at these lean implementations moving parts through the facility more efficiently, more quickly, and looking at non-value added activities because they had to stay competitive. We have taken what we have learned from the automotive industry and applied it to other industries.”

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About Trilogiq USA
Trilogiq USA ( was founded in 2000 to provide material handling solutions to manufacturing organizations, with an initial focus on the automotive industry. Trilogiq USA was a pioneer in identifying automotive industry manufacturing successes and adapting solutions to other industries including aerospace, electronics, appliances, and logistics. Working in all production and manufacturing industry sectors including distribution and warehousing, has made Trilogiq USA the first full-service implementer of best-practice production process improvement solutions. Follow Trilogiq USA on Twitter @TrilogiqUSA.

Recently Trilogiq USA was awarded the first-ever Partner Achievement Award from Seegrid, the maker of robotic industrial trucks also known as flexible vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to the material handling industry.

Other strategic partners include Jervis B Webb; Trilogiq USA is a value added reseller (VAR) for Webb's Smart Cart automatic guided cart (AGC) product line, with the capability to design and fully integrate AGC systems.

Sarah Cunningham
Marketing Coordinator