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Manufaktura Zieleni Offers Projektowanie Ogrodow Warszawa, Comprehensive Tree Felling Services


Warsaw, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- Manufaktura Zieleni, a leading landscaping company based out of Warsaw, Poland, has become one of the premier tree felling service providers in the city due to its highly skilled team and latest technological equipment which are capable of handling any type of tree felling task. The company is also a renowned garden designer and an aesthetic plantation expert.

The company informed that the task of tree felling is often overlooked as a skilled action and is far more complicated that what the common conception is. Manufaktura Zieleni further adds that safety and prevention of damage of nearby structures is of upmost priority and can only be assured by professionals who have had wide experience and have access to proper equipment. The provision of experienced personnel and latest equipment has led to many tree felling projects and now has made them a leading wycinka drzew Warszawa or tree felling company in Warsaw.

However, tree felling is not the only service Manufaktura Zieleni excels at; its garden designs have also been complimented by both clients and critics alike. The company is a specialist in garden lightning, aesthetic plantation, mini waterfalls and ponds in gardens, creating terrace balconies, designing pathways and garden structures or furniture, children friendly gardens and much more. Many of its previously completed projects can be seen in the gallery which is now accessible via the company’s official website.

Apart from being a leading tree felling services provider and a garden design specialist in Warsaw or projektowanie ogrodow Warszawa, Manufaktura Zieleni also creates and repairs drainage system of gardens to ensure both the sustainment of the beauty of the garden and proper watering of the plants.

Manufaktura Zieleni is hence a comprehensive landscaping company which is able to take up various tree felling and household garden tasks. Aimed at making their client’s dream garden become a reality, the company has already displayed its artistic and functional garden design capabilities many a times in the past.

About Manufaktura Zieleni
Manufaktura Zieleni is one of the leading landscaping companies in Warsaw, Poland that offers services such as tree felling, garden designing, plantation, drainage corrections and much more. Through the online platform,, specific details of the services offered by the company and gallery of its previously completed projects can be viewed. Manufaktura Zieleni is a comprehensive landscape designing company capable of handling any type and size of household projects.

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