Many Female Patients Opting for Plastic Surgery Requesting Kate Middleton's Nose


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Kate Middleton, whose wardrobe and hairstyle is copied by women around the world, now has her nose becoming most desirable among ladies opting for plastic surgery.

Female Patients are now running to plastic surgeons in search of a little royal rhinoplasty.

Kate Middleton's cute nose with its rounded tip is a hit with women all over the world these days. The number of women requesting a nose like Kate Middleton has tripled since the royal wedding, making the duchess of Cambridge's button nose the most-prized celebrity body part in the world.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Calvert, M.D. who specializes in rhinoplasty says “Kate Middleton’s nose has become popular because of the natural look and the harmony it brings to her face. The view of the nose from the front shows classic curves that bring her upper face and lower face together via the dorsal aesthetic lines – the shape of the bridge. Her tip is cute, but not overly turned up and not too small. She is very beautiful; thus, it is not surprising that patients are asking for this look.”

Carmen Lefevre, a psychologist who studies facial attributes, says “there is a hard-wired, evolutionary preference for Kate's small, straight nose”. She said that the symmetry of Kate's nose, the angle between her lip and the tip of her nose, and the minimal amount of nostril on show are all near perfect.

However, many surgeons warn that not every face was made for Kate Middleton's nose, and often patients must have other work done to their chins, cheeks or brows to make the nose work for them. The surgery won’t actually make you look like the Duchess of Cambridge - it will just make your nose look more like hers. Patients must be realistic when it comes to trying to achieve a celebrity nose.

Would you undergo surgery in search of a nose like Kate Middleton’s?

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