Many Homeowners Rush to Beat the 2015 Deadline on R22

The outright ban on the r22 refrigerant at the onset of 2014 has seen many London homes rush to have a conversion of their air conditioning systems. This ban is part of the implementation of international environment agreements that aim to phase out ozone depleting substances.


Essex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- R22 replacement London is the term used to refer to the rush by London residents to have their cooling systems replaced. R22, a refrigerant popular in air conditioning and heating systems especially in residential homes was declared one of the major substances responsible for ozone layer depletion and global warming. In 1987 under the Montreal protocol, countries agreed to phase out CFCs and later on an amendment to the international agreement in 1992 added HCFCs to the list. R22 also known as HCFC-22 ceased to be used in the manufacture of new equipment in 2010. More recently in January 2014 the government effected a ban to phase out even existing equipment placing the deadline for December 2014.

Most manufacturing companies had to comply with the new legislation four years ago. Homeowners however, remained either ignorant or misinformed pertaining to what the legislation requires of them. Although after 2010 many manufacturers were offering ozone friendly systems, many homeowners still use the R22 systems unaware how much longer they will be allowed to use them. The 2014-ban and the consequent awareness has seen many people rush to beat the heat and comply with the legislation.

All Seasons Climate Control, air conditioning, ventilation and heating specialists record an increase in clients who are calling in a panic, " We receive many call from different clients even beyond London who receive the news and have no idea what to do with their existing systems."

The Lead Air Conditioning Engineer advices that,"homeowners have the option of either converting their systems or r22 replacement." Conversion entails modification of parts of the existing system enabling it to run on the recommended refrigerants. Replacement involves a complete removal of the system to modern systems that run on environmental friendly refrigerants. Replacement has higher installation costs but is efficient in the end with reduced operating costs and maintenance. Conversion offers a fast and easy solution but one may incur reduced capacities in the system's cooling capacity.

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