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Many Prospective Students Are Exploring Online Criminal Justice Programs at


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- Many people in the U.S. are searching for career paths that will enable them to maximize their potential and achieve high salaries. As a result, criminal justice is becoming a popular academic field. Criminal justice offers a wide range of paths, and it is even possible to earn a criminal justice degree online.

A growing number of prospective students who wish to discover this exciting field are now talking about a website called This website offers overviews of the careers that are available to forensic investigators, forensic psychologists, forensic scientists, parole officers and police officers.

All of these paths provide a number of opportunities for career seekers. “Forensic scientists can work just about anywhere in the world, so it is hard to get an accurate estimate of what you may earn as one. Your forensic science salary may be entirely different than someone else who works in the same building, so you never really know what you are going to make until you actually get involved with this career,” proclaims provides information on the salary of a forensic scientist as well as the salary of a forensic psychologist. In addition to sharing the average salary levels for these careers, the website also shows the factors that affect salary levels as well as salaries compared to other career paths and job outlooks. Visitors will also find information on the common tasks of the job and the education and training necessary.

The website gives insight into interesting topics like working with animals in criminal justice and working with the CIA.

For prospective students who want to pursue this field, includes a list of the top online criminal justice schools. In addition to an overall ranking of top online schools, the website also classes top online criminal justice programs by domain, like forensic psychology and cyber crime. Plus, visitors can search for programs by specific academic field like corrections, criminology, forensics, law enforcement, legal studies and securities.

In this way, enables prospective students to research the best options for pursuing degrees that will allow them to attain their career goals.

About is a website that provides information on a variety of career paths in the field of criminal justice. In addition to providing information on salaries and job descriptions, the website also provides information on education requirements and online criminal justice schools. Plus, offers a blog with quality editorial content.

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