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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- People who aren't aware of the Maqui Berry and how it helps them improve their health and lose weight can now check out some excellent reviews on the maqui berry supplement to begin their new detox program in a natural way.

The Maqui Berry is fast becoming the most popular 'superberry' in the world, and is now a commonly used superfood supplement for those starting detox programs to improve their health and, in doing so, lose weight. The berries themselves are found in the Patagonian rainforest in Chile, and grows out of an evergreen plant that grows naturally in the region. Local Chileans have known for a long time about the incredible benefits of this berry, but the wider public are still largely in the dark. This new website has, therefore, been created to offer insight into this superfood and to help people find out about its wonderful benefits.

According to the website, not many people are versed in supplements and how beneficial they can be for weight loss. In particular, Maqui Berry Select is looked at in detail, with the aim of educating people who are looking for a way to detox more effectively without resorting to unnatural methods. The site reflects the results that many people have experienced with the berry, and discusses its importance, not only as a means of losing weight, but of improving digestive, metabolic, and hormonal health. Apparently, these are the basic foundations of excellent health, and from this springs natural weight loss.

The wonderful benefits of the maqui berry have been revealed by scientific experts and nutritionist over the years, but the larger public still struggles to see past more popular berry supplements like Acai. The truth, however, is that the maqui berry contains far more antioxidants than acai, and is in fact a more powerful superfood with great benefits. Acai remains more popular simply because it is more widely known, while maqui berries remain in its shadow despite its higher antioxidant count. For those who aren't aware, antioxidants are essential at fighting free radicals that cause cell damage. Since healthy cells lead to healthy tissues, healthy tissues lead to healthy organs, and healthy organs mean a healthy system, antioxidants are extremely important. Without healthy cells, therefore, weight loss is a far more difficult prospect.

Today, maqui berry supplements, while in the shadow of acai, are widely available on the internet. Maqui berry weight loss is a very realistic proposition when the supplement is used correctly – in other words, as part of a healthy detoxing regime that incorporates a good diet, exercise, plenty of sleep, and stress reducing activities. By providing honest and detailed maqui berry reviews, the website aims to help people make an informed decision about whether to use this supplement as part of their detoxing regime. People can find all of this information by visiting the website at

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