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Marathon Professional Services Offer a Microsoft SQL Server Health Check for Improved Security and Performance


Worcester Park, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2018 -- A leading partner to technology resellers in London, Marathon Professional Services provides a Microsoft SQL Server Health Check to improve the security and performance of their customers' computer systems. The health check program involves rigorous investigation and assessment of database sizes, memory settings and utilization, security settings and SQL configuration settings. Furthermore, Microsoft SQL Server Health Check also evaluates the database disk locations, number of CPUs, configuration with SQL, and disaster recovery provision. After the whole process of analysis and complex examination is over, a detailed report comprising of the environment configuration details, configuration against best practice, and recommendations for any remedial actions and improvements is presented to each client to pass onto the customer. However, the individuals need to keep in mind that the Microsoft SQL Server Health Check is only responsible for the purpose of investigation, reporting, and recommendation and does not include any curative work for the damage or errors.

Marathon Professionals have been outsourcing IT support services to Technology Resellers and Distributors across the whole of the UK, since 2002. Besides their Microsoft SQL Server Health Check-up, Marathon also provides support for IT companies, managed IT services, professional services, managed services, packaged services, data services, security services, and much more. They have a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to provide the best services possible to each client.

Elaborating on the Microsoft SQL Server Health Check, a representative of Marathon Professional Services stated, "An SQL Server Health Check will evaluate the state of a system and will have the potential to open doors and highlight specific areas for upselling further services, development, remedial work or consultancy. Improving or updating a database management system is not just a maintenance task, but an opportunity to derive new business value. By carrying out the SQL Server Health Check, resellers are provided with indicative costs, risk and impact analysis to provide to their client which will enable those clients to quickly move to the actual migration planning and deployment phases."

About Marathon Professional Services
Marathon Professional Services offers a wide a range of skills in virtualization, desktop and infrastructure solutions, delivered by experienced and accredited consultants that really understand technology and its role in the business. They do not work like recruiters, they will not use contractors and they underwrite all their work so that their customers will always be assured that their clients are receiving the best of the best. They provide free-of-charge presales assistance and wherever possible work on a fixed price basis.

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