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Marathon Professional Services Offers Data Services to IT Companies for Optimising Their Clients' CRM


Worcester Park, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2016 -- One of the leading strategic channel IT consultants in the UK, Marathon Professional Services, provides data services for IT companies looking to outsource this service at the most competitive prices. Their data service is based on the world's most recognised Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Start. With the Microsoft Dynamic CRM Quick Start, IT companies can optimise their clients' workflow by providing them with a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This gives them the ability to manage and maintain long-term relationships with their existing and potential customers. CRMs consist of eight components including Business Readiness Assessment, Infrastructure Readiness Assessment, Data Import Assessment, Dynamics CRM basic install, Dynamics CRM basic configuration, Introductory Training and CRM Process Assessment. Marathon's Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Start assesses the needs of your clients and allows them to understand how Dynamics CRM can work for their business. Then, Marathon runs the right environment with an implementation that works for the end user. IT companies who are looking to outsource data services can explore Marathon's website to learn more.

When it comes to outsourcing channel IT support services at the market's best prices, Marathon Professional Services is the most sought-after name in the country. They have been in the industry since 2002, and have amassed a huge client base by offering the highest-quality help desk support for IT companies. Besides data services, they also offer other IT services including Professional Services, Managed Services, Packaged Services, Installation Services and Security Services.

Talking more about their data services, one of the representatives from the company stated, "Internal IT resource is at a premium for most organisations and workloads, meaning that IT teams are hard-pressed to deliver all of the company's IT business requirements. The Quick Start service provides a basic implementation, as well as information, on integrating existing business processes."

About Marathon Professional Services
Marathon Professional Services offer a wide a range of skills in virtualization, desktop, and infrastructure solutions, delivered by experienced and accredited consultants that really understand technology and its role within the business. They don't work like recruiters, they won't use contractors, and they underwrite all of their work so that their customers will always be assured that their clients are receiving the best of the best. They provide free of charge presale assistance and, wherever possible, work on a fixed price basis.

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