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Marble Mosaic Tiles Are a Good Choice for Remodeling a Home Says Champion Tile and Marble


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2012 -- For those looking to sell their homes and have a budget to do so, remodeling will typically increase the sale price of the home.

“Even in this tough economy, people still buy and sell homes; even those on a budget. It is possible, provided you choose with care. For instance, one of the best ways to remodel a home is by using marble mosaic tiles. You don’t have to go whole home; just do a bit here and there and keep working on it over time. The results will be quite amazing and very attractive,” assured Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

Marble mosaic tiles add style to a home with their beautiful artistry. Additionally, they come in ready-to-install sizes and shapes. What could possibly be easier? These mosaic tiles are not only easy to install, they are easy to clean and maintain. The polished tiles are typically the tile of choice, largely due to their water resistance. “So if you want to liven up a room or two, you could put these attractive tiles in the kitchen and bathroom or by the outdoor pool,” Dupre suggested.

Every home could have marble mosaic tiles on the same block and no one would have the same thing. They come in an enormous range of colors and texture, and a buyer can get literally anything they want. Whether they choose to buy online or visit a showroom, the price of marble mosaic tiles is still affordable, and the results are stunningly impressive.

“If you’re looking for long lasting tiles that are cost effective, decorative and easy to self install, marble mosaic tiles would fit the bill. Yes, it takes patience to install if you’re doing it yourself, plus an eye for detail, but it can be done. If you’re not certain about wanting to tackle such a job, you might want to call a Tampa flooring specialist and have them quote the job,” Dupre suggested. It is always better to hire an expert if there any doubts about the quality and ease of self installation.

There is a myth floating around that marble mosaic tiles take a lot of time to clean. Typically, if there are serious spills, frequent exposure to moisture and improper care, this would be true. However, if a homeowner takes the time to care for their tiles, they are easy to maintain. “If you want, you can cover the flooring with a rug and sweep it daily to keep the grit factor at bay. It would be a shame to cover such a beautiful floor with carpet, but the choice is ultimately yours to make. Just know that marble mosaic tile is a breeze to care for and will retain its beauty for years to come,” stated Dupre.

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