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Marc Gafni Announces New Center for Internal Wisdom


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2015 -- The Center for Internal Wisdom is a highly regarded activist think tank and its projects will benefit from the establishment of its new web site, as the expanded reach afforded will promote the kind of intelligent and thoughtful discourse necessary for positive social change.

Dr. Marc Gafni, a philosopher, teacher and social activist, is announcing the opening of a new web site for the Center for Integral Wisdom. The success of previous related projects, which operate as activist think tanks whose mission are to "[evolve] the source code of human existence based on Integral principles," has led to the need for expansion through the establishment of a new web site that continues in the organization's attempt to "formulate and articulate a global ethics for a global civilization."

The new Center for Integral Wisdom web site will continue to draw on the principles espoused by its founders while also seeking to provoke thoughtful discourse on a variety of important subjects.

The author of  "Your Unique Self", a well-known and award-winning book that can be found at, Dr. Marc Gafni's expansive work in many fields continues to inspire and enlighten, underscoring the need for the continued expansion of the Center for Integral Wisdom. The center's teachings are widely regarded as essential for the achievement of progress, and the spiritual practices promoted by the center and its founders are considered central to the development of a deeper understanding of enlightenment.

The center is known for its many projects relating to social activism, and it is this multitude of projects, events and conferences that has been at least a part of the impetus for expansion through the establishment of a new center. Some of the more notable projects the organization has spearheaded include the Success 3.0 Summit, The Outrageous Love Project, The Dharma Party Project and Unique Self Recovery.

The center is also currently involved in the undertaking of countless other projects and endeavors. The organization's founder is also an active user of social media whose Twitter account,, is filled with useful and enlightening information and guidance. His Facebook page, which can be seen at, is popular among those familiar with the work relating to "Your Unique Self", as well as the course inspired by the book's teachings, Awakening Your Unique Self.

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