Marc Hurwitz of Crossroads Investigations Opens Up on the Secrets Involved in Leading a Successful Company


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2019 -- Recently, Marc Hurwitz of Crossroads Investigations revealed in an interview his tips and guidelines on how to operate a business and adjust it according to the ever-changing marketplace. Marc has a long history in government – have worked over 11 years, three of which were in the White House, and the rest in the intelligence community. Over this time, Marc continued to acquire information on how to imbue in his own self the qualities required to be an excellent entrepreneur.

Marc stated the importance of effectively marketing one's business, while also establishing core values and key performance indicators. He also opened up about some mistakes he made along the way, saying: "An early mistake I made was not focusing my business development efforts. There are so many ways to spend money to market a business, but putting into a place a system where I could better evaluate the return on investment has been invaluable." Furthermore, he pointed out the importance of outsourcing non-core functions for a business, such as accounting, IT, legal and website management.

With Crossroads Investigations, Marc wishes to remove the misconception that people have about private investigators being only gumshoe-type work. Instead, the actual scope of such a private investigation agency is massive, encompassing asset searches, surveillance, research, finding people, due diligence, along with background reports and more. Marc mentioned how proud he was to have satisfied his clients and shown them the dedication they required. He believes the backbone of any company is the staff of professionals working under it, and he's fortunate to be working alongside some of the industry's best. Together, he and his staff have managed to make Crossroads Investigations one of the premier options for private investigation in their entire region. With local newspapers ranking them as the leading service for four years in a row, Marc is unbelievably proud to be the head of such an astounding company.

About Marc Hurwitz of Crossroads Investigations:
Marc Hurwitz is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer. He's a Florida Board Certified Investigator, a National Board Accredited Investigator, and a Certified International Investigator. Interested in entrepreneurship, he opened his own private investigation firm called Crossroads Investigations. The Daily Business Review (South Florida's daily legal newspaper) has ranked Crossroads Investigations as the best private investigation agency in their region for the past four years. For more information: