Marc Isaacson Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Complete His Online Self Training Project on Drupal

Marc Isaacson’s project “Teach Yourself Drupal” is about building a totally open source, online, self training site to learn Drupal. The funding requirement for this project is $64,000.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2014 -- Drupal has emerged now as an extremely popular framework for building websites. Over time, a number of free and paid training platforms have been created for learning Drupal. However, currently both free and paid training sites have some serious limitations. As a result, the demand for skilled Drupal developers is far from being met at present. This is the reason behind the start of Marc Isaacson’s online Drupal training project “Teach Yourself Drupal.”

The ultimate vision behind “Teach Yourself Drupal” is to have a training website funded by sponsors that will support ongoing hosting and development costs, making it the de facto platform to learn everything related to Drupal. The Kickstarter project’s minimum deliverables include Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Drupal 7 teaching projects and their corresponding screencasts; and a basic membership site.

Marc Isaacson has a wealth of experience in building Drupal sites utilizing both custom and contributed modules and themes. He also has extensive teaching experience. However, unfortunately, he cannot complete this project without funding assistance through Kickstarter. The funding target for the project is $64,000, and this amount will cover expenses such as
- Purchase better equipment for producing the screen casts
- Pay the licensing fee to use Drupal in the domain name
- Pay for the web hosting costs
- Pay for 1000 hours of Marc’s time to develop the site
- Cover Kickstarter's 5% fee
- Cover fees from Amazon payments
- Pay for creating and shipping the Rewards

This Kickstarter campaign will only be funded if its funding target is achieved by midnight (MST) Wednesday, December 31.

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The official website for the project is

About Marc Isaacson
Marc Isaacson was an AS/400 RPG application developer. He got tired of programming and took some time off to do other things, including teaching High School math and running a handyman business. In January of 2010, he decided that he was ready to return to programming. He taught himself to be a web developer using Drupal. He launched his business in July 2010 and has been doing freelance Drupal web development since then.