Marc Mansour Seeks $500,000 via Crowdfunding for Sleep n' Say: The Coolest Sleep Mask in the World

Tired air travelers seeking to catch a nap on their next flight will be in for a real treat.


Geneva, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2014 -- Too many air travelers have missed out on far too much for far too often just because they wanted to take a nap. Airline passengers have unwittingly missed out on meals, skipped drinks service or onboard entertainment because flight attendants didn’t wish to disturb sleeping passengers under their care while caught a snooze.

The Sleep n’ Say changes all that thanks to a customizable set of messages that are prominently displayed on the front of the mask (e.g. Wake me up for breakfast, Wake me up for lunch, Sorry if I snore, Do not disturb, etc.) allowing weary travelers to enjoy their nap without sleeping through meals or movies or the drinks trolley cruising past them down the aisle.

About Sleep n' Say Sleep Mask
The Sleep n’ Say sleep mask comes in ten different colors with different message patches that can be easily swapped in and out to tell flight attendants the travelers intentions’ while they sleep. Apart from the pleasing colors and simple methods of communicating a passenger’s desires to the flight crew, this sleep mask provides 100% total darkness to insure naptime starts fast. Not only that, they are very lightweight and comfortable making it easy to forget this sleep mask is being worn at all.

According to travel statistics, there are 500,000 passengers in the sky at any given time. How many of them are getting the sleep they want by giving up the amenities offered during the flight? With the Sleep n’ Say mask airline passengers need to lose out again.

Cherry on the cake, Sleep n’ Say sleep masks can also be used at home, at your office (for a quick efficient nap), on a train, on a bus … really anywhere you want to sleep and are not in a 100% dark room!

This flexible funding campaign will keep all funds raised even if it doesn’t reach its goal.

This crowdfunding project ends on October 9, 2014

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