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Marcio Andrade Is a Living Inspiration for All the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Worldwide



Newtown, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2017 -- Inspiring entrepreneur, designer, adventurer, and a versatile personality, Marcio Garcia De Andrade has made several great achievements in the last ten years. In a wide range of industries for an overwhelming number of people, Marcio has not only inspired the people around him but has also set new standards for the aspiring entrepreneurs and determined individuals around the world. He studied finance at the University of Florida and the legendary London School of Economics before founding several ventures throughout his illustrious career.

"When people ask me what I design, I reply to them that I design everything; and you can also do the same by designing your own life." said Marcio Andrade in a recent interview. "With the right set of mind and the right approach, everyone can be successful in business if they are dreaming higher." he added. Marcio has been featured widely on media and is an avid traveler, who loves exploring different parts of the world. Moreover, his exceptional ability to understand everyone around him, especially the people he is dealing with has made him achieve the heights of success in the industry like nobody else.

About Marcio Garcia de Andrade
Marcio Garcia is also a proud Founder, President, and CEO of successful ventures such as MAIT Management Inc., Know It Cloud LLC., and Jade Rock Enterprises, LLC. In addition, he is a successful real estate investor and a mortgage broker in the Sunshine State. Besides business, he also takes a keen interest in body building, Muay-Thai, Hang Gliding, and most importantly, traveling around the world and meeting new people.

He is a living inspiration and a true example of the American Dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs and motivated individuals who want to achieve it all at a young age. From technology to finance and fitness to brokering, Marcio is a true ambidextrous personality, who has achieved it all but still wants to go far. According to his friends and colleagues, he has a humble and a versatile personality and his company is an absolute pleasure because he easily blends into the surroundings and redefines it instantly.

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