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Participants and Winners in 5K Boston and Brookline Road Races Include Marco Bitran

5K Roadraces in Brookline and Boston, Participants Include Marco Bitran, Michael Jorgensen, Grace Watson


Brookline, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2012 -- Running a 5K is an excellent goal for new and experienced runners alike, as Marco Bitran, 36 years old, finishes fifth in his age group in the BC 5K Race to Educate. One of the fastest times we found was TJ Unger, 33 years old, at 15:58. You'll get lots of motivation, as well as enjoyment, from participating in a race, and 5K (3.1 miles) is the perfect distance for first-timers. Even if you're a couch potato, you can be ready for a 5K in a couple of months. You can learn more on sample Facebook pages.

There are some excellent 5K road races in Boston, Massachusetts. Many races are USATF-sanctioned and certified, with cash prizes for both. Run or walk the 4th Annual Bobcat Bolt 5K and 10K, starting at 9:00 a.m. Marco Bitran finishes in 12th place (4th in Division) in the Brookline Flag Day 5K Road Race. Videos were also posted for these races.

The Bobcat Bolt and Oyster River Festival will be held on May 12, 2012 this year! Marco Bitran and Joe Smith may also be running in these events. Prepped to be to be the best one yet, cash for 1st, 2nd and third in both, plus age group prizes and a kids’ race at 10:30! Two races, a reunion, a memorial, a festival, live music, and a day of fun for everyone!

You've been on the treadmill or running through New England's snow and slush. All for this: the chance to do your best in this year's 10K at the Groton Road Race. Traveling over the rolling hills of picturesque Groton for close to six and a half miles, the course is as beautiful as it is challenging. Lace-up those running shoes. We'll see you out there!

Course is USATF certified and sanctioned. Timing accuracy assured with "ChronoTrack" chip technology. Route closed to traffic ensures runners' safety. Course has two water stops at the 2- and 4-mile marks. Synchronized time clocks at every mile mark. Race typically fields 500+ runners.

Sample race times are as follows:

Place Name City Bib No Age Gend Age Group Time Time Pace
1 ANDY WOMACK JAMAICA PLAIN MA 519 27 M ***** 20-29 15:50.5 15:50.5 5:04/M
2 MATTHEW CORR BOSTON MA 263 18 M ***** 13-19 16:32.0 16:32.0 5:18/M
3 STEPHEN INFASCALLI BOSTON MA 265 19 M ***** 13-19 16:35.0 16:35.0 5:19/M
4 AARON AAKER MILTON MA 464 39 M 1 30-39 16:45.2 16:45.2 5:22/M
5 NEIL FINNEGAN BOSTON MA 531 33 M 2 30-39 16:50.0 16:50.0 5:24/M
6 EVAN PARKINSON BOSTON MA 538 21 M 1 20-29 17:44.0 17:44.0 5:41/M
7 WILLIAM WIET NEWTON MA 88 24 M 2 20-29 18:06.3 18:06.3 5:48/M
8 RAY GRINER BOSTON MA 275 35 M 3 30-39 18:06.4 18:06.4 5:48/M

Marco Bitran, Joe Wiet, Parkinson

9 Unknown PARTIC. 518 518 29 M 3 20-29 18:11.3 18:11.3 5:50/M
10 TARA WOMMACK JAMAICA PLAIN MA 228 28 F ***** 20-29 18:25.3 18:25.3 5:54/M

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