Marina Trninic and Team Launch an Indiegogo Project for Ecoh: Wearable Technology That Touches the Heart

Ecoh is the easiest way to know where loved ones are and know that they’re safe.


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- Ecoh is a smart wearable communication and safety device designed specifically for use by those who care for and otherwise want to keep track of children and the elderly. Ecoh features a HD video camera, easy to use speed dial buttons, a Bluetooth connection, WiFi, and a GPS locator, to ensure that your loved ones are always safe and easy to reach within seconds.

The most prominent feature of Ecoh is ease of use. The Ecoh device is a very simple mobile phone without any complicated menus to navigate or myriads of options to contend with. Users need only press one of the speed dial buttons and that’s it; pure and simple communication without pretense.

In these uncertain times everyone wants the peace of mind of knowing where their children are – and what they’re involved in – at any given moment. Using the Ecoh mobile app, every parent’s concern and curiosity is satisfied with the push of a button thanks to real-time GPS location. . Going a step further, the device can be used to send “ecoh’s” of where your child is at specified intervals as selected by mom or dad. Via the Ecoh mobile app, parents will be able to remotely activate and access the live camera stream from their child’s Ecoh. Without any exaggeration, parents can see exactly what their child sees wherever they happen to be. In a sense, Ecoh enables parents to look over the shoulder their children even if they’re miles away.

About Ecoh
Ecoh allows for the establishment of safe zones which in essence keeps children within established boundaries that parents have indicated are safe. If kids try to leave the area, parents are notified immediately via the Ecoh mobile app. Ecoh comes with proximity sensors that can be worn on your kid's wrist, or attached to their shoe laces. If for any reason the Ecoh is out of range of the sensors, an alarm will sound and mom or dad will be notified on their smart phone.

Marina and her team designed Ecoh and the accompanying app to be as simple to use as possible. Using the app dashboard, users will be able to easily configure their Ecoh device as well as select functions and change the way the app works through customizing options and features within the app dashboard itself.

About Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is sought to finalize development leading to mass production of Ecoh to help parents, adult children and caregivers overall keep track of those in their care to ensure their safety and happiness while allowing them to enjoy a comfortable level of independence.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on November 26, 2014.

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