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Sunshine Biofuels, The Supplier of Alternative Fuel and Marine Diesel Launches Its Website

The alternate fuel Supplier in Florida reveals its latest website. Includes complete details of their services and applications.


Lake Worth, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Sunshine Biofuels, the supplier of alternative fuel and marine diesel in Florida, have now launched their latest website. The website brings complete insight and information on the services they provide.

According to a spokesperson of Sunshine Biofuels, they have already developed goodwill among people in Florida for providing green and cost effective alternative fuel. With the availability of their website, they will now be able to reach more people. “We are proud and happy to launch our website that gives clear insight of what we do and how we can help. We can surely reach wider prospects with our efficient green alternative diesel.”

The company produces diesel biofuel from recycles cooking oil, which goes through several stringent tests and proprietary processes. The final product comes out as a superior low cost supplement for the diesel engines that ensures energy independence for various companies along with being environmentally friendly.

According to the owner of Sunshine Biofuels, “The renewable diesel that we provide definitely offers a better solution for the customers that have large fuel or diesel bills per truck, boat, nonprofit fleet or generator. We ensure that the product cost is low so that we can pass on the savings to the customers. You will get more such interesting details on how effective we produce alternative fuel in our latest website.”

Sunshine Renewable Diesel Product is the proprietary product of the company. In addition, the company has also contributed to develop the technology of fully automated dual fuel that powers many high-speed diesel engine owners and helps them to save money.

“I was a customer of Sunshine Biofuels for a long time now. I have checked their new website and it provides complete details about how their product such cost effective and eco-friendly fuel solutions,” says Steve Johnson, Florida.

Some of the common diesel applications of their products include commercial truck, non-profit fleets and schools, oil fired burners, generators and marine diesel. Founder of Sunshine Biofuels Michael Lokey, will discuss about the usage of Sunshine renewable diesel instead of conventional diesel for marine units, trucks and others on March 24 using Google+ Hangouts. Click here for Google hangout link.

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Sunshine Biofuels develop renewable diesel and provides them for various applications amid diverse companies. They develop green and cost effective alternative to diesel. For more information on their products and the applications, visit their website at

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