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MarioPad Launches to Collate All the Online Mario Games Into a Single Portal


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Mario is one of the most iconic computer game characters of all time. He has appeared in over two hundred different video games and continues to release new titles almost every year. It’s no wonder that with over 20 years of history, from the very dawn of computer games to the modern day, that the character incites a feeling of excitement and nostalgia in those who have been there since the beginning. Many of those people have created free to play flash versions of the classic Mario games, and MarioPad is bringing them all together in one place for fans to easily discover and play.

The site has flash versions of the original Super Mario, Super Mario 2, Infinite Mario Bros all the way up to MarioKart Racing II. These flash versions can even support multiple players in some cases, making them great to play with friends. There are even some of the rarely remembered niche favorites and original spins on the old formulas, including Mario on a motorbike and Mario ice skating, blending popular flash game formats with the classic characters.

A spokesperson for MarioPad explained, “Because Mario has been ubiquitous within gaming circles since modern gaming was invented, he has a certain cultural cache that will always attract players, no matter which generation they come from. Mario is an institution, and it’s regrettable that most of the classic games he was known for are no longer available on modern systems. The flash recreations overcome that problem so that fans can enjoy the games they used to love so much without buying expensive second hand ‘vintage’ systems that now go for a premium on sites like Ebay. This portal is for fans, by a fan, and should serve up a plate of warm nostalgia for anyone who is a fan of classic Mario.”

About MarioPad
The Mario game series released by Nintendo must be one of the most successful video games in franchise history. And a lot of factors can be attributed to that. First, it can be because Mario one of the very first video game characters that was ever created and people are simply interested in playing the first ever gaming consoles back then. MarioPad has brought these games together in their free online flash versions for players to get a hit of that precious nostalgia direct from their web browser, with all the same levels and functionality as the originals. For more information, please visit: