Maritant Launches New Industry Blog at Official Website


New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2014 -- Maritant, a cutting-edge database for Marine Equipment and Supply, has launched a new blog on its official website, It will provide visitors with information and updates regarding the company's services, benefits, and more.

The blog was created to meet the growing demand for Maritant's state-of-the-art website, which provides a streamlined platform for sourcing Marine Equipment Supply and services. The innovative nature of this platform may require potential clients to seek out additional information on our services and how Maritant will benefit users.

To that end, the professionally written blog will be updated weekly to offer relevant information to all professionals and businesses involved in the maritime industry, including engineers, vendors, shipyards, and vessel operators. It reflects Maritant's mission to provide clients with the utmost convenience.

About Maritant
Maritant was founded in response to the challenges facing the modern maritime industry, which has grown rapidly in amid rising global trade and commerce. The subsequent expansion has lead to a growing demand for new equipment, services, and technical support, which are challenging to research and acquire.

With Maritant's powerful and up-to-date database of Marine Equipment, clients can seek out and compare their needed product based on equipment type, product model, category, SWBS number and other details. Manufacturers and Distributors can expand into new and opportune markets by utilizing a database of numerous companies and professionals, while shipyards and vessel operators can utilize a powerful platform for streamlining communications, avoiding the tedious process of emailing, faxing and calling numerous vendors.

The official Maritant blog will continue to provide more valuable information on these benefits and services of the Maritant database. Those wishing to learn more are invited to visit and sign up for the service.