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Mark Adams Led SOZO Global Canada Convention to Help Transform Lives

Mark Adams, CEO of SOZO Global, led a convention in Canada to help transform people’s lives both in business and wellbeing thanks to the power of his new miracle product.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Individuals living in Canada were recently treated at the SOZO Global conference led by CEO Mark Adams. The event represented an amazing business opportunity that has been spreading like wildfire throughout the US and now for the first time in Toronto. The convention enabled people to become part of a movement that helps make the world a better place, helps people live healthier lives, and helps them achieve the business success they have always looked for.

Under the tutelage of Mark Adams, SOZO CEO individuals learnt about SOZOs coffee berry product, and how a good product practically sells itself, while those doing the selling can enfranchise themselves to SOZO and get unique access to the incredible product and define their business success according to their goals, no matter how ambitious.

The Canadian Conference is part of an international tour Mark Adams is undertaking, which gives early adopters of the product the opportunity to join Team Ignite Sozo Global and make a small fortune for themselves, thanks to the unique structure of the company’s multi level marketing program, that will be explained in full at the conferences.

A spokesperson for SOZO Global explained, “Under Mark Adams’ leadership the company has gone from strength to strength, and this incredible product has gone from a traditional foodstuff of the coffee pickers themselves to a transformative product in the health and wellbeing of millions of people worldwide. The conference presented a unique opportunity for people to find out more about the product and the business, and gave them a chance to see how through applied entrepreneurial spirit and empowered by a great product, people can take control of their own destinies and begin living the life they always wanted to lead.”

About SOZO Global
SOZO provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to distributors through a product that embodies the meaning of the word SOZO: health, rejuvenation and wholeness. Mark Adams is co-founder and CEO of SOZO Global, Inc., which was founded in 2009 with co-founders John Constantine and Larry Cantrell. Prior to SOZO, Mark founded Advocate, MD Financial Group, Inc., a leading Texas-based medical liability insurance holding company, in July 2003. Since July 2003, Mark has served as its Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer. For more information please visit: