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Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Hillcrest Media Group is a book publishing company which provides a variety of services to both smaller book publishing businesses and individual authors themselves. These services include ebook conversion and distribution, printing, marketing, editing and self-publishing. Levine is also an accomplished author in his own right, having released a novel called Saturn Return and more recently The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, the best-selling guide to self-publishing which is now in its fourth edition. Levine has over twenty years’ experience as both an entrepreneur and an executive.

The popular book The Fine Print of Self-Publishing about the self-publishing industry by Mark Levine Minnesota author has won a number of industry awards throughout its extensive print run, including a gold medal for the third edition from the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2009. In 2011 the fourth edition was awarded a bronze medal, and in 2012 the book won Best Business Book at the Midwest Book Awards. The novel Saturn Return is a coming of age story about the rekindling of a teenage romance between a disillusioned thirty-something and his first love. The protagonist’s tale runs in parallel to that of an eighty year old organ player who, whilst enjoying a hugely successful professional life has a personal life which is mired in disaster.

The company founded by Mark Levine Minnesota Hillcrest has seen exponential growth since its conception in 2006. Beginning life as a small self-publishing company, Hillcrest has gone on to publish and distribute books for well over eight hundred authors, including a partnership deal with an eighty-five store coffee chain called, its own book advertising agency and an online book review site. Under the leadership of Levine Hillcrest has grown from a sole trader in 2006 to a successful business with twenty-eight employees today. There are currently over 1,500 customers benefiting from the sophisticated book publishing software in use at Hillcrest.

About Hillcrest Media Group
Hillcrest, which is based in Levine’s home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides book publishing, marketing, printing and distribution services for authors and independent presses. Mark Levine Minnesota CEO was also the founder of Click Industries Ltd until its sale in 2009. Click Industries administered online services for writers, musicians and those involved in the arts as well as other small business owners.

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