Mark Lichman Looks to Raise $20,000 via Kickstarter to Create TapPainter

See a room in new colors with this feature-rich and sophisticated color visualizer.


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- The right color in the environment can energize, relax, revitalize or just make people feel more comfortable. The effects are subtle yet persistent. Room color has a big impact.

TapPainter algorithms use a combination of edge detection and color analysis to select a region within the image, typically this gives a good approximation of the wall region. Wall detection accuracy does depend on lighting, so it offers the custom shape feature.

These custom algorithms are designed to find the 'reference', or original color, within the selected region to get the color change right, even in very dark rooms. TapPainter is the only software out there that can do this right now.

After picking their color, users are just required to tap on the marker and watch the magic. They can easily compare recolored images with a simple left/right flick, or see them all at once through the recent images screen.

Mark Lichman and his team have planned several stretch goals for their Kickstarter project.

$20,000: This will help them cover the costs of design and development for creating an iPhone version and prior costs for the iPad version.

$30,000: To update the iOS designs and code for Android. Also, a 2-way messaging system will be added for in-app talks about any color choices.

$40,000: Faster re-coloring and more Android devices

$50,000: All analysis moved to the device. Therefore, no more need for a wifi or wireless internet connection and no wait for upload / download time.

$60,000: Light simulation.

$80,000: 360 Panoramic.

$100,000: Real time and integrate with wearable devices.

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