Mark Peek Closes Another Seterus Short Sale in Sacramento, CA


Roseville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Mark Peek, Sacramento Short Sale Specialist closes another Seterus Short Sale in Sacramento, CA.

Mark Peek, leading short sale agent in the Sacramento area at Keller Williams Realty, closed another Seterus Short Sale for a homeowner facing foreclosure. Mark Peek has successfully negotiated and closed a short sale transaction where Seterus was the 1st lien and Citi the 2nd lien. Both accepted a short payoff, saving the sellers from being another California Foreclosure statistic.

The property on Natalino Circle in Sacramento was listed for $185,000 and closed at $195,000. The process took a total of 4 months and 26 days from contract to close.

The sellers on Natalino Circle were in default and the homeowner was facing Foreclosure in California. After many negotiations with the bank with no solutions, the homeowners contacted Mark Peek to negotiate a Sacramento Short Sale on their behalf. The process was not easy, but having closed over 100 short sales, Mark Peek negotiates at a very high level, has access to high level bank and investor contacts, and simply will not take “No” for answer. As a result, Seterus and Citi approved the Sacramento Short Sale. As with all Sacramento short sale approvals, there must be a ready & willing buyer to purchase the home at what the bank considers “fair market value.” The seller opted to short sale their Sacramento home to prevent a Sacramento Foreclosure in the hopes of repairing their credit sooner and have the option purchase another Sacramento home in as little as 2 years.

Mark Peek, a top Sacramento Short Sale Specialist under the brokerage Keller Williams Realty, has put together a custom hardship package to get approvals for sellers and ease the process of a short sale. Homeowners who are facing a foreclosure may request Mark Peek for a short sale specialist to consult with them about their needs and whether a Sacramento Short Sale is right for them.

Many Sacramento mortgages now exceed the fair market value of the home. Negative equity has become an increasing problem for the nation, but is excessive in Sacramento, CA. With the current market value of homes, and the interest rates on previous subprime loans and loan modifications increasing, many Sacramento home sellers have no choice but to negotiate with the bank to take less than the full amount on the sale of the property. The seller proves a hardship to the bank which could include divorce, loss of income, health issues and other situations proving the homeowner is unable to continue making monthly mortgage payments. The homeowner hires a Top California Short Sale Agent, such as Mark Peek, to sell their home and negotiate the Sacramento Short Sale with the bank.

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Mark Peek is a California Short Sale Specialist that handles Short Sales in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

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