Mark Rosenberg Now Takes Up Cases Related to Workman's Compensation


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Mark Rosenberg, a leading law firm operating in and around Philadelphia now takes up cases related to Worker's Compensation. Some of the most common cases include construction accidents, industrial accidents, OSHA accidents, workplace accidents etc. This accident attorney of Philadelphia helps such workplace accident victims in getting all the employee welfare benefits like compensation on account of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering resulting from the accident.

This injury lawyer of Philadelphia also takes up cases related to medical malpractice, truck accidents, drug related injuries etc. Mark Rosenberg is known for it's honest, transparent and expert approach towards each case, whenever a case arrives at this law firm the experts take up a detailed study of all the important aspects related to the case like the client's medical history, applicable insurance coverages etc. Conducting such detailed case studies has enabled the firm in successfully and aggressively defending it's clients which in turn has resulted in a high success rate for the firm. Also this Auto Accident Attorney of Philadelphia over the years has made a name for itself by taking up some of the most challenging and difficult accident cases.

Mark Rosenberg is also one of the best slip and fall attorney in Philadelphia and has one of the highest success rates in handling such cases. The law firm follows a contingency policy under which it does not charge the client a single penny until they are able to obtain compensation for the client. The company maintains a simple to use, user friendly yet informative site. The contents of this site include a comprehensive description of the legal services provided by the firm. Also the site is regularly updated with the latest local cases which provides insight to the client's and general public at large in understanding the legal procedures and factors at work in such cases.

About Mark Rosenberg
Mark Rosenberg, is a leading law firm rendering it's services to customers located in and around the region of Philadelphia. This law firm was founded by Mark S. Rosenberg who has been practicing law for almost 3 decades now. Mark Rosenberg today is one of the most trusted and sought after legal service provider in this region and has earned the respect of the client's by maintaining utmost honesty and transparency in it's operations and workings.