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Mark the June 30th Launch of Online Immigration Assistance for Married Individuals by Local Florida Couple

Concierge Immigration Service (CIS), spearheaded by Godwin and Olivia Odileke, offers affordable and more personalized 4 step system for DIY couples


Palm Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- CIS or Concierge Immigration Service will officially launch this June 30. Their main function is to help married couples file for an I-130 petition for an alien relative while helping them stay married during this very stressful phase in their lives. The alternative they offer is more affordable than what most couples fork out for immigration lawyers and experts who just attend to the legalities but never the real strains in the lives of married couples.

Immigration Woes

In the United States of America, freedom occupies the pedestal of federal government. Every citizen has their voice and choice. Public opinion is free to be aired and no one can harass anyone without getting the full effects of laws. America was even dubbed the land of the free. And much like any developed nations, their general acceptance of immigrant legalization is permissive but strenuous.

In the senate, a new reform legislation (almost a year in the making) can spell easier legal status for some illegal immigrants who occupied the nation in a given set of time.

But that doesn't mean those who can file for their own United States Custom and Immigration Service USCIS forms through marriage will be immediately allowed without all the hassle of waiting for bureaucratic processes to finish. For US citizens filing for their alien couple wanting to file for their own Green card but doesn't have the know-how of all the steps needed, Olivia Odileke, owner of CIS has this to say: “We wanted a simple process to assist families who needed help maneuvering their way through the sometimes complex USCIS process.”

“My husband (Godwin) and I have successfully gone through the same worrisome USCIS process without a lawyer to achieve his Green card status. This became the foundation of the business: to help couples undergoing the same ordeal we experienced and provide more support and a platform where they could voice their opinions without any backlash.”

The option Godwin and Olivia did was a do-it-yourself (DIY) choice and they're willing to support willing couples arrive at an informed DIY choice as well.

The Concierge Immigration Service (CIS) Difference

With their business and experience centered around Florida, much of the help they can provide may be customized to be of great assistance to a couple of an American Citizen with an immigrant spouse who wants permanent resident status in Florida. But since their platform is online, they also cater to any married couples outside of this state and elsewhere in the country.

In comparison to most immigrant lawyers who claim personal attention and legal compliance for their hired services that costs a range of $300 to $3,000 (per person or services rendered), CIS will only ask for a meager $100 one-time fee for a slew of services that most immigrant lawyers will never offer:

Assistance in filing inquiries on case status

Provision of list of an electronic copy of all documentary requirements for marriage support immigrant form plus a step by step video detailing the purpose of each document and section

And while the process continues, they'll also provide monthly Q&A teleconferences to allow their married clients to have an intimate support group of other married couples that CIS has helped in the past.

Support to help further establish their marriage union by helping couples create a joint bank account and relative driver's license which is required before their green application is fully approved.

About CIS
Built through a tested marriage, Godwin and Olivia Odileke once experienced the same woe most US citizens filing for their alien spouse went through. They find great joy and satisfaction from helping every couple afford all the assistance they need to get a Green Card or alien resident card. Their four step USCIS system is straightforward and personalized.


Olivia Odileke
981 Jupiter Blvd NW, Palm Bay, Fl 32907