Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography

Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography Launches New Site

Today, Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography, a Lowestoft based photography firm run by 22 year old Mark Tull, has opened a new website.


Lowestoft, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- The new website is the brainchild of Mark himself, a keen photographer covering the fashion, architecture and nature niches, and has been specially designed to give visitors a taste of his photographic style.

“I designed my site to put my images at centre stage.” Mark Tull said. “The website has been designed to showcase my photography in the highest resolution possible, whether being viewed on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.”

“Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography was launched as a way to showcase what is possible with a Nikon, a lighting rig, and nothing else.”

While young Mark Tull started out using Photoshop to touch up his photography, he has stopped using the popular photo manipulation suite, in response to the software package’s widespread use.

“Anyone can take a photo on their iPhone, apply a filter, and then Photoshop some lense flair in, and claim to be a photographer. But as a real photographer, I have left the Photoshop game and let my DSLR do the talking.”

“In any case, I was using Photoshop before it was cool.”

Mark hopes that his firm Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography serves as an inspiration to other photographers looking to leave the Photoshop game.

“All my photos are genuine, taken with a DSLR and no post-processing whatsoever. I hope that other photographers can learn from this and take photography back to it’s roots. My traditional approach does not compromise on quality. What makes me stand out is my firm belief that a quality camera and a steady hand can produce photos better than any post processing can.”

About Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography
Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography is the photography firm of 22 year old Lowestoft resident Mark Tull. He offers photography services to local businesses and individuals, whether for club events, weddings, birthdays and more.

To contact Mark Tull, visit his website