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Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography Launches New Social Media Pages


Lowestoft, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Mark Tull, owner of Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography, has just announced the launch of a cavalcade of new social media pages to represent himself and his business, allowing him to get to know his clients.

Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography is Suffolk based firm that’s no stranger to the leading technology. In fact, Mark himself has ordered one of Apple’s top of the range Mac Pros for his studio, in order to deliver client work up to 50% faster!

Today, Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography have announced the launch of their brand new social media profiles on Twitter and Tumblr, allowing Mark Tull’s clients to get to know him and his work.

“Twitter may have launched almost a decade ago, so admittedly I am a bit late to the party, but hey, at least I arrived before it’s begun to wind down!” said Mark.

“In fact, I’d say I’ve arrived just in time to be considered ‘fashionably late’, getting in just as the party’s begun to peak!”

Unlike his new website, launched earlier in February, Mark hopes his Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography social media accounts will take a more light hearted look at quality photography.

“I won’t just be showcasing my own work, I’ll actually be covering a lot of other people’s work too. It’s my way of giving back to the photography community, sharing articles, news and works of art that I find inspirational.”

Each day, Mark Tull scours the internet, including all the biggest news sites and art communities, for content to share with his growing audience. he considers his social media profiles as a natural extension of his main website, except with a more community flavour.

“My social media pages are designed to be a community experience, not just for my clients in Lowestoft, but also for the wider art and photography community.”

Mark plans to follow up his Tumblr and Twitter presence with long awaited Facebook, Myspace and Bebo pages.

“They may not be hot any more for the general public, but the photography community couldn’t be more active and vibrant on these platforms. It’s basically a hipster’s paradise!”

You can follow Mark Tull at his accounts here:

About Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography
Mark Tull Lowestoft Photography is a photography company headed up by young photographer Mark Tull. Born and raised in Lowestoft, he has no hesitations about getting the word out there about his business and loves travelling across the UK to work for a range of diverse clients.