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Mark Woeppel of Pinnacle Strategies Talks Pros and Cons of Theory of Constraints

Mark Woeppel of Pinnacle Strategies Talks Pros and Cons of Theory of Constraints


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- Mark Woeppel is a Theory of Constraint expert. Mark Woeppel has been challenging the status quo in organizations, helping to make changes that matter. He was one of the first in the world to implement the Theory of Constraints (TOC), even before it was called the Theory of Constraints. Woeppel and his team at Pinnacle Strategies are among the first in the world to develop a systematic process to produce consistent results with the Theory of Constraints as well as the first to integrate those concepts with Business Process Reengineering, Lean, and Six Sigma. Along the way, helping companies produce astounding bottom line results.

Woeppel is a master of organizational transformation with a lengthy track record of successful turnarounds. Recognized worldwide as an expert in the Theory of Constraints, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and Continuous Improvement, he has earned the founder’s implementer certification from the TOC-ICO.

Woeppel is an internationally known author, speaker and lecturer on the topics of Theory of Constraints, Drum Buffer Rope, Cost Accounting, Organizational Measurement, and Critical Chain Project Management. He is the author of The Manufacturer’s Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints, published by APICS/St. Lucie Press, in 5 languages and Projects in Less Time, published by BookSurge in English & Japanese. He has helped organizations that range in size from the Fortune 100 to the local entrepreneur.

After more than two decades of examining the value of Theory of Constraints, Woeppel simplified what is great about TOC and what causes TOC to fail.

TOC is great because:

- It is focused on quick, bottom line results

- It applies to all that we do, manufacturing, engineering, projects, business systems, government systems (I did pro-bono work for city mayor)
It is based on logic

- TOC provides great focus

TOC fails because:

- The big lean and 6S gurus don't promote it

- Some people thinks it adds inventory that they see as waste

- Many people see it in conflict with lean – some TOC practitioners said they were in conflict only a few years ago

- TOC has very few tactical tools

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