Mark Zuckerberg Announces Meta Salesforce CRM Partnership


Swords, Co., Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2022 -- We are increasingly experiencing a shift towards customer service that happens via text, so it's no surprise to see partnerships between CRM platforms and text services. In September this year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta and Salesforce CRM would be collaborating in order to give Salesforce customers more opportunity to work with WhatsApp. As a result of the potential partnership, it will be possible for Salesforce CRM customers to start using WhatsApp to create a smooth and seamless experience for customers. Given that Salesforce is the largest CRM platform in the world, the partnership with Meta - the owner of the biggest social media platform in the world - makes a lot of sense.

The partnership is currently at the pilot stage and being tested by some big name brands. These include L'Oreal Group brands, which will be looking into using WhatsApp for the specific purpose of reaching out to customers who have abandoned a shopping cart, in order to deliver incentives such as offers and discounts that could close a sale. The opportunity to use WhatsApp with such seamless integration could be a big advantage for any business seeking new and more effective ways to make contact with customers. And it is, according to Meta, just the start of a mission to help brands connect to more customers and improve customer service delivery. For customers of Salesforce CRM the WhatsApp facility could open up a whole new way to help deepen existing relationships, support customers better and more effectively drive sales.

Salesforce is an incredibly dynamic brand and there are many advantages to opting for the Salesforce CRM. Alongside the functionality and efficiency of the software itself there is the obvious commitment that Salesforce continues to make to being the top CRM in the world. Partnerships like the one with Meta are advantageous to Salesforce customers, creating more opportunities to work towards a wider range of CRM goals. The team at Ignyto is available to help any organisation implement, and optimise, Salesforce CRM, whether starting from scratch or looking at ways to improve existing usage. There are always opportunities to get more from the CRM - and to leverage the products it offers to better support an enterprise and its customers. Ignyto has expertise across the full range of Salesforce products, including Managed Services and Marketing Cloud as well as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Communities and Sales Cloud.

This expertise is partly why customers come to the team at Ignyto, which has now supported more than 500 enterprises - large and small - through a Salesforce rollout. Consultants have an in-depth understanding of Salesforce CRM, Salesforce integration and how this can be leveraged in various ways across industries and with respect to different types of organisations. The team also brings its own unique brand of business acumen and common sense approach, which clients say is worth its weight in gold. Ignyto is a Gold Salesforce Partner with a well established reputation and is now part of a network that spans multiple locations, including London, Dublin, Manchester and Stockholm.

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