Market Crash in 2014 Coming? - Sentiment Trader Says No


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- A Leading financial Market Analyst from says the bears who had planned on a massive crash in 2014, have not only been disappointed, but are ready to throw in the towel in 2014, after massive injections by the government, funds piling in from the sidelines and low interest rates.

Since 2009 the market has been marching up higher like a teenager on a crazy sugar high. Each dip we get on the market seems to be just a short term blip before the bulls come right back and do the real damage. Back in January the market skidded down on fears China was in big trouble and ready to crack, but it did not last very long. Just days later the market snapped back and within 4 days, a months worth of selling was completed wiped out and then some, leaving the bears on the market bruised and battered and the bulls yet again cheering in the background.

A leading Australian market analyst Chip Smith said today “When we experience bullish market conditions, markets can be overbought and remain overbought for weeks and sometimes even months on end. This is exactly what we are experiencing right now, and the Bears who are short this market, continue to lose money along with their shirts. I expect this bull to sharpen his horns, and really stick it to the bears later this year [2014]!”.

To get a better gauge on things, Chip explained there is serious damage in the economy right now, but the bears just do not get it. The market is a game based on FEAR and GREED. The market is so dislocated away from the market it is not funny. People cannot just sit at their screen and see one or two bad pieces of news and expect the market to crash in the weeks that follow. It simply does not work like that.

Chip explained that this bull market is not over yet, and right now we are in an accelerated bull market, which could become a real nightmare for bears as the smart money sitting on the sidelines starts to work its way back into equities and indicies. When people look at the statistics ; Accelerated bull markets are tricky, however chip did hint there is more upside potential here, despite the russian tensions and Janet Yellen the new fed chairman spilling the beans about higher interest rates (which is normally bad for markets). They have already hinted interest rates will be on hold or remain low for the next 12 months. So this will just add fuel to the bull market’s fire.

This is like a ground hog day for novice traders who keep expecting a gigantic crash and CHIP who is actually renowned as being market seer or prophet due to his very accurate calls on the market is saying 1950 - 2000 is his next target on the S&P in 2014 this year. Bears will not know what hit them later in the year where he says his cycles are pointing to a bull run that will wipe the smiles off the bears faces and even surprise the bulls themselves.

Those who listened to Chip’s advice over the last few years have reaped huge rewards. But chip shies away from the spotlight because he claims to have a deep love and respect for the market, and tells his clients he has a passion to train, and teach others. The tools and analysis he uses are second to none, and that has given him an added advantage to putting a pulse on the market.

Chips last 3 market predictions have reaped in huge rewards for his clients, with a bottom call that bought in 30% profits in a matter of weeks recently, so this is a man at the top of his game, one of his clients told us Chip’s results and the repour he has with his clients speak for themselves. They call him the Nostradamus of the stock market because he is eerily accurate in predicting stock market movement’s right before they happen.

His studies and recommendations are said to be the best around, as he has a select criteria and a secret strategy. This gives him the a leading edge and ability to predict market movements before they happen, and his track record he seems to be a man who knows what he is talking about, as he has gained much media attention and also been sort after by many highly elite investors and fortune 500 companies for his services in the last several years. Amazingly Chip is the first to play down his calls telling people that the market is a sleeping, eating, firebreathing dragon, and one should not want to step on his tail. What one has to do is, respect him and learn what moves he could make in the future by studying what he has done in the past.

Chip has a fantastic track record and normally charges exuberant fees for his training, however he has opened his private trading network for the next 7 days, FREE OF CHARGE at where Chip shows investors how easy it is to profit in 2014 as the bull market continues.

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