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Market Forecast Report on Run Flat Tire Inserts Market 2017-2027

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2017 -- A run flat tire insert is a pneumatic automobile tire that is designed and developed to work even after the tire is punctured. These tires are relevant because, in case of a flat tire, they allow a car to be driven to a safe location where replacement can be done. However, the vehicle can be driven at a lower speed (below 50mph {80kmph}) when the tires are punctured and up to only a certain distance (usually between 10 miles {16 km} to 50 miles {80 km}) depending on the type of flat tire insert installed in the vehicle. Run flat tires offer enhanced safety as they offer better control on an automobile in adverse and emergency conditions, enabling consumers to drive safely and properly even if there is continuous loss of air pressure inside the tires. Run flat tires work well in extreme and severe climatic conditions such as pouring rains, hot and humid day or snowy and cold night. In case of a puncture, the self-supporting run flat tire inserts will save your day and you won't have to bother about a replacement immediately. Run flat tires are built with armour-plated side-walls. Normally, a vehicle is supported by pneumatic air in tires and when a tire gets punctured, breakdown happens. Nevertheless, run flat tiers have robust inserts which momentarily hold up the weight of the vehicle even in case of a puncture.

The run flat tire inserts have growing applications in security where they have become a necessity in vehicles that carry politicians, governing authorities & celebrities. They are also gaining popularity in the defence industry. To provide protection in an emergency situation, Run Flat tires must maintain speed constraints and should travel only a certain distance (50mph for 50 miles or 80km/h for 80km). Due to these limitations, it's vital that drivers should be alarmed when there is a loss in tire pressure, and consequently the vehicle must be furnished with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to sense and indicate tire pressure variations.

Run Flat Tire Inserts market dynamics:

Run Flat Tire Inserts technology has a never ending scope for research and development in automotive market. One factor that is helping the Run Flat Tire Inserts technology to grow is the advancement in new military and security division in which Run Flat Tire Inserts connectivity is becoming a standard feature.

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The run flat tire inserts market has evolved over the years because of the various advantages such as cost effectiveness, longer life of the automobile, good reliability, easy servicing, mount and modify facility, and the induction of polymers which are light in weight, but are strong enough to bear wear & tear while driving on roads. Furthermore, the introduction of light weight polymers as run flat tire inserts have also contributed to the reduction of weight of cars and trucks, thereby making the automotive market more economical. Run flat tire inserts technology, in the automotive market, has made human life more comfortable. The various advantages of run flat tire inserts technology has led it to become an important part of the automotive sector. It is forecasted that the automotive market will grow rapidly because of the advancements made in the Run Flat Tire Inserts technology.

Run Flat Tire Inserts market segmentation:

Run Flat Tire Inserts market can be segmented on the basis of type of size, sales channel, and application.

On the basis of type of size, the run flat tire inserts market can be segmented into:

Size < 15"

5" > Size > 20"

Size > 20"

On the basis of sales channel, the run flat tire inserts market can be segmented into:

Original equipment manufacturer


On the basis of application, the run flat tire inserts market can be segmented into:


VIP cars

Emergency vehicles

High Value Cargo Carriers

Aid agency vehicles

Others (Caravans, buses, trucks, trailers etc.)

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Run Flat Tire Inserts Market: Regional Outlook:

Run Flat Tire Inserts Market can be divided into seven different geographical regions/divisions -- North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, Middle East and Africa. The North American, European and Middle East regions have high standard of living and high disposable income, which has led to the growth of Run Flat Tire Inserts technology in automobiles. Likewise, the Asia-Pacific region has most number of automobiles in countries like India and China, which has increased the use of run flat tire inserts technology in the automotive market for human safety and comfort.

Run Flat Tire Inserts: Market Participants

TAC Run Flat Tire Systems


National Tyres and Autocare Ltd

RunFlat International

Pirelli & C. S.p.A

Bulldog Direct Protective Systems Inc.