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Market Research Company Says Insanity Workout Is a Viable Alternative to the Gym


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Between work, family, friends and responsibilities, getting and staying healthy is quite a challenge for the majority of people.

Whether looking to get back into shape after having a baby or simply ready to lose weight and tone up, the key to achieving a healthy physique lies in choosing a fitness program that provides a high level of motivation, is reasonably accessible and produces the desired results.

New data from a marketing research company shows Insanity Workout is one of the most effective home fitness programs available on the market. Developed by the creators of the widely popular Beachbody home fitness program, Insanity Workout is capable of completely transforming a person’s mind and body in just 60 days. Available in a 10-DVD set, the program is made up of hardcore workout routines aimed at helping people reach their fitness, weight, health and personal image goals.

According to an Insanity Workout review by a marketing research company, the Insanity Workout program finally offers a viable alternative to a gym membership. The review explains how the at-home workout program saves people time and money as compared to typical gyms.

The company says, “One advantage to purchasing the Insanity Workout DVDs is that you pay once and you are done. There is nothing else to buy. You do not even need to buy more equipment for your home to take advantage of all of that Insanity Workout offers you.”

Unlike other fitness DVDs, the Insanity Workout program features max interval training. This type of training provides insanity results by pushing a person’s body to its limits without giving it the opportunity to plateau. It also gives the body a chance to sweat and burn a lot of calories in a short stretch of time.

To further help people meet their weight loss goals, the Insanity Workout program comes with an Elite Nutrition plan, a fitness plan, an additional cardio abs DVD, an Insanity Workout calendar and free access to a host of online tools.

The Insanity Workout program was created by Shaun T., a choreographer and fitness guru who gained 50 pounds during his first semester of college and needed to find a way to lose the weight while having fun in the process. Shaun T. has released a variety of fitness DVDs, all of which have received widespread acclaim, but the Insanity Workout program is the first to focus solely on hard core training exercises with no dancing involved.

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