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Marketing Agency Offers Advice for Strong Vendor Relationships

Clients Who Uphold 5 Expectations Can Expect Healthy Collaboration, Results


Washington, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2018 -- It's the time of year for counting blessings and sharing gratitude. And soon, New Year's resolutions will be the hot topic. As business owners and managers reflect on their 2018 success and their 2019 goals, their thoughts may turn to relationships with vendors and partners that support their operations. The team at KickCharge Creative, a branding and marketing agency that also specializes in website development services in NJ, has tips for ensuring those partnerships are healthy.

The strongest client/vendor relationships thrive thanks to collaboration and mutual respect. Companies likely have high expectations of the vendor partners they hire, but company officials also have responsibilities to uphold if they want their vendors to perform efficiently and effectively. They should approach the relationship as teamwork.

Companies that uphold the following five expectations in their vendor partnerships will enjoy better results.

1. Respect the team.
Agencies hire talented, trustworthy staff who are held accountable for their work. Good team members feel personally invested in their clients' success, so companies that hire them should treat them professionally and kindly. Patience, manners and gratitude go a long way to foster a relationship of mutual respect.

2. Trust the experts.
Companies hire vendors to do things they need that are outside of their wheelhouse. Their vendors are the experts with relevant experience, proven processes and best practices to guide them. They have a track record of success and have earned their clients' trust and confidence. Companies should not hesitate to provide feedback and input, but they should trust that their vendors know what will generate the best results.

3. Provide timely feedback and approvals.
Efficiency maximizes effectiveness. When vendors request input or direction on a project, it is important to respond promptly so that projects can proceed at a steady pace. Companies should answer in a timely manner when their partners need approvals or ask for information. Stalled projects waste time and cost money.

4. Communicate.
Companies' priorities shift often, and unexpected issues interrupt plans. Business owners and managers are pulled in multiple directions. Still, communication with vendor partners needs to be clear and timely. Companies should alert their vendors when a project must be put on hold, an urgent need requires their immediate attention or deadlines change.

5. Make timely payments.
Vendors are grateful when their clients pay their invoices promptly. Not only do they deserve to be compensated on time for the brilliant work they do, but also they need to pay their bills and payroll. Healthy cash flow enables them to invest in resources that will benefit their clients.

KickCharge Creative Values Client Relationships
The team at KickCharge is grateful for collaborative relationships with its clients. The NJ agency helps companies across the country develop strong brands, choose catchy HVAC company names, design eye-catching vehicle wraps, build effective websites, write print collateral, manage strong digital marketing campaigns and much more. To work with a marketing vendor that values mutual respect and teamwork, contact KickCharge online or call 800.836.4666.