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Marketing Expert, Kristi Patrice Carter, Pens New Report on Article Directory Marketing and Why It No Longer Works


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- There was a time when publicizing a business, services and products in article directories was the premiere means of increasing visibility and sales. Author, website authority and marketing expert, Kristi Patrice Carter, said that’s no longer true and announced the release of her new report, “Why Article Directory Marketing Will Never Work”. The publication examines the rise and fall of article directory marketing and provides entrepreneurs with lucrative alternatives for the 21st century.

“Article marketing is alive and well, but article directory marketing is dead,” said Carter. “Article directory readers want a quick bit of information and they move on. Article authors must create better content and focus on syndicating it, rather than posting blindly and hoping for the best.”

Content on article directories offered business owners in the 1990s with an audience and promotional opportunities that were subtle and worked to the benefit of all. Directories began their decline when unscrupulous owners allowed inferior content and keyword stuffing to prevail. Readers became frustrated and search engines de-indexed many sites.

Carter’s new report delves into the demise of article directory marketing, why it doesn’t work in today’s environment and the psychology of users in 2013. Entrepreneurs will learn the importance and benefits of article marketing in the current economic climate. She explains why marketers should focus on syndicating their content and providing relevance to a larger audience.

Today’s reader is in search of superior content and the report addresses the steps necessary to produce articles that are eagerly shared with others. Such content is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. It’s a friendly approach that virtually any reader can appreciate and one that doesn’t incorporate hard sell tactics.

Individuals using the report will learn methods of becoming more involved, enabling them to understand the market and potential clients better. Carter outlines the steps required of writers to improve their message and gain a reputation as an expert, along with the potential pitfalls of content writing and how to avoid them.

The report examines the composition of a quality article, the best places to post work, and obtaining respected links that search engines like and mark the writer as an expert. The ability to be interesting and unique present definite advantages in today’s market and will jumpstart marketing efforts in any field.

Readers will learn the five levels of online traffic and how each will impact marketing efforts. The guide explores alternative marketing strategies, utilizing infoproducts to generate interest, and the inclusion of videos. While article directories shouldn’t be a marketer’s first choice, they still have their place and readers will discover how to utilize them for syndication.

The new report, “Why Article Directory Marketing Will Never Work”, provides an inside look at the methods, strategies and techniques that have made Carter an expert on marketing. She offers compelling information and expertise obtained through more than 14 years of experience to help those in any industry create highly marketable content.

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