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Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2012 -- As I meet more and more people, I have come to realize that everyone has a story. Some have a sad story, some have an exciting story and some stories make me jealous and suck me in. It’s not that there’s a lack of story in my own life, but there’s so many fascinating stories about people who have done amazing things by less than extraordinary people. When it comes to online marketing and making money online in general, it’s no different. Everyone has a story.

How can this make you money? There are forums and companies that love to hear these stories and sometimes will hold competitions to see who has the best or most inspiring story. Every story is unique as everyone has a different experience.

Perhaps you won the lottery, started a company and it lost money or it made you even more money. Perhaps you’re a complete newbie and you just made your first sale and you want to tell the world about it. I remember my very first sale myself, I was excited to the point I wanted to post on every forum I knew and talk about how I made my very first sale (which was $44). It can be quite a rush and a moment of “oh wow, this really works.”

How do you submit a story? There are plenty of forums that are looking for these kinds of stories online. All you have to do is register and talk about your life. How awesome would it be to make money from sharing an inspiring story that trumps all other stories? Let’s face it, money is money and free money is just awesome! It doesn’t get any better than making free money, especially for talking about your personal life experience with making money online. Whether you’re a newbie who’s trying to make it, or you’re an experienced veteran marketer who is making it but has an interesting story to share, you might win some money.

It’s far better than article marketing or writing articles yourself. As someone who’s been there, I can tell you there’s not a lot worse than being a grunt of the internet but money is money. When writing your story, don’t try to exaggerate, but don’t make it boring either. People want to hear an exciting story that has a lot of juicy words and keeps readers drawn in. It’s a lot like a Hollywood movie. Do you want to see a movie that’s based on a true story the EXACT way it happened with the exact same characters, or do you want to see a beefed up version of what happened?

Bending the truth a little bit isn’t necessarily lying, but don’t actually lie about your story. You can earn quite a bit of money from these stories as well. Some forums or companies might only pay you $10 and some companies might pay upwards of $1,000 depending on the person running the contest. It can’t hurt to share your inspiring story with every sweepstakes and forum possible and see what people think of it, maybe people will have some improvements to share with you that you can make.

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